To be blatantly honest?


Although I didn’t stress much about the SirFoch/Circon drama initially, I had a moment to think after recent developments.

And to give more insight, the reason why I didn’t stress was because I put this situation into the “Human Error” folder. Like I said in my previous statement, I ultimately see this situation of two parties who were out of line and who should have communicated better with one another but have acknowledged what they did, it happens, people do mistakes and stupid things all the time and I viewed this as a person who, for a quite a few times, has “angered” the company.

I waited before jumping to conclusions and I was right to because I got my suspicions confirmed of what actually went down, the statements that were given and the conversations had with Wargaming EU not only confirmed it but were satisfactory as well given that I know both employers -in real life- well enough to trust them and for as long as Florian is the Head of Community Management my trust will remain.


What made me change my mind? When I thought this shitstorm was calming down, Wargaming NA decides to give statements to Kotaku and Jim Sterling with false accusations:

When the first statement appeared Kotaku simply said it had come from Wargaming, a server was never specified, as far as we, EU Community Contributors, knew this didn’t come from EU but it was after Jim‘s video that we finally managed to pinpoint the source of them, these statements were given by a Senior PR Manager from the WG NA office.

Not only shouldn’t WG NA speak for European affairs do you know what’s even worse? I asked the right sources, WG NA didn’t communicate with WG EU for information before making the statements.  

Plus, almost nothing on those statements is true, from the hate and homophobic slur accusations to even saying that people get “second chances” when in reality SirFoch was never given a second one, this was his first “strike”, if strikes even existed before this situation blew up, on an attempt to throw SirFoch under the bus!

Not to speak of defending and taking on the stance onfgiving a copyright strike to silence SirFoch. You can’t copyright strike someone when the person hasn’t breached any copyright, it’s not just an abuse of power and the youtube system, its illegal! WG NA views are at Gaijin level opinion wise.

And let’s not speak of how hypocritical this move was given that when we from this side of the pond try to speak with the NA office to get nice things for the NA community, we get dismissed.

What’s even more serious, after those statements, what makes you think that Wargaming won’t put another content creator under the bus? Given that Wargaming is a Global Company as the NA office just proved it.

… I am pondering currently my status as a CC as I type this…

PontyhairyJedi has just left the CC program and so has TheMightyJingles:


This latest situation is only the cherry on the cake of the things that have been wrong with the company, I got some really high doubts on anything that WG promises nowadays unless is comes from some very specific individuals, especially after the Rubicon incident, I do not feel that WG has fulfilled their promises and they make them only to appease people when things are heated.

Also, I do not agree with the direction the company is taking as development goes, like their new crazy, the P2W Premium Tanks like the Chrysler GF as an example, I wasnt happy, I told you and I warned you when WG got certain people working in Minsk and now you know why.

I haven’t been a “Happy player” for quite some time.

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