Tom’s Hardware Tests Encore on 10 GPUs

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Here we have a link to a Benchmark performance test of 10 GPUs Ranging from the MSI GTX 1060 OC 6 GB down to the MSI RX 460 OC 2GB. The lineup includes some older cards for those with older systems. Here’s the link Tom’s Hardware enCore

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Tom’s Hardware Tests Encore on 10 GPUs

19 thoughts on “Tom’s Hardware Tests Encore on 10 GPUs

  1. DIADTEC says:

    Apart from this (semi) endorsement by Tom’s Hardware, I see absolutely no effort on wg’s part to market the 1.0 release :\

    1. Kyros says:

      You don’t market something that is not available.

      Imagine this situation:
      “You want to sell hotdogs with a small waggon in the middle of a shopping street. You get there prepare everything, draw prices on some tiny chalk board, put on your own branded hat and start to scream into the passing by pedestrians: “Hotdogs ! Fresh Hotdogs ! Hunger ? No more ! Get your delicious Hotdogs right now ! Take them while their hot !”

      Some customer start to stop and gather around your waggon, with glossy eyes and full hope of a delicious promised meal that would still their hunger. The first customer walk up to you, the young lady with a bag in the left hand raises her right hand, showing you two fingers.”I would like two Hotdogs please, one with extra chees if possible”

      You look at the lady and ask “Whats your name miss ?”
      The lady changes her face, revealing her doubt, nevertheless she starts saying ” Its Sharel, but why do you ask ?”
      You take out your tiny notebook from your right pocket, get your pencil and write with no hesitation a “1” followed by “Sharel” and by “2,one with extra cheese”. You mumble while writing it, after you finished you look up to Sharel smile at her and say: “Your Hotdogs are ready in three days Sharel, I will be pleased to see you again”

      1. Kyros says:

        You didn’t get the point.

        If they start market bigtime 1.0 than Jimbob will see that, get all excited, download the game, login to his freshly created account xXD4rkSh4d0wXx and be greeted with a Half-Life 1 graphics online Tank game. Jimbob will ofc get the fuck out of this as fast as possible and not touch it anytime again.

        Twitch is the place for nerds, they know what’s up. The average Joe that loves to drink a beer after his hard work at the mines of Mordor and enjoy his spare time with some online games, will see these ads and have no clue like Jimbob. And Joe is the kind of player that WG wants the most.

  2. The ‘most powerful graphics card’ in the series is the GTX 1060? Come on. That is not exactly ‘high end’ is it? It does confirm WG’s goal to cater to low-end systems…

    I wish he put up the EnCore scores for comparison though.

    PS. I don’t agree with his conclusion “Of course, also has an obligation to not abandon players with lower-end systems, since they’re a huge market targeted by the company’s games.”. There is no such obligation at all. It is a marketing choice. And I’m not sure if it’s a good one.

    1. Charcharo says:

      Technically the RX 580 is the most powerful GPU. It is generally faster than a GTX 1060, WoT Encore is an exception.

    2. jerryatrick53 says:

      So you know that anything faster is op yes a 1080 Ti will run constant 125 fps at 1440P but those players are a fraction of a % of the player base. Yes the enCore scores are global but give no real information where settings + frame rate actually tell you something.

      1. Aaaaah, yes, that is a good point.

        I was also actually referring to so-called ‘older’, yet inherently more powerful cards like my GTX 980 Ti. It is still performing incredibly great, even at 4k.

    3. Q says:

      If you have an MMO game you always have to consider mid to low spec players. They are most likely the majority of your playerbase. If the game won’t run on their computers they will just leave and you lost your (potential) income.

      Yes, having better graphics might attract new people to your game, but I think the risk of losing your current players is higher.

      So as someone who plays on a low spec computer I was more interested in seeing how the game will run on older machines, preferably on low settings to maintain 60 FPS.

      I know we can see RX 570 meets the 60FPS requirements on “the graphics settings pushed as high as they go”, but what what about the lowest settings? Or am I the only one who cuts down the details to get 60 FPS?

      On the other hand we know that 1060 can handle the game on ultra settings without stuttering… what a surprise.

      1. True. But these days, the definition of what constitutes an ‘MMO’ is incredibly stretched. To me (and by definition), mmo is what World of Warcraft is. However, these days almost every online game is marketed as an MMO, even though it isn’t. WoT does for example. And I’m sorry, but WoT is nót an mmo.

  3. Infernal969 says:

    Great benchmark, only latest generation cards because everyone changes their GPU every year. Very useful. /s

    1. Charcharo says:

      Well if you know where these GPUs stand, you can guess where older ones stand. Somewhat. Geometry and tessellation performance will influence these results too.

  4. Q says:

    To Shade01982 (since I can’t reply to your reply):
    From wikipedia: World of Tanks (WoT) is a massively multiplayer online game developed by […]
    From WoT Newcomer’s guide: World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game featuring combat vehicles from the mid-20th century. […]

    Also what part of MMO definition the game does not meet?
    Massive? On the WoT website the game boasts 110 million playerbase. I’d say that’s pretty massive.
    Multiplayer? Check.
    Online? Check.

    Semantics aside, my point still stands.

  5. Tomm says:

    Even HD 620 works much better on 1.0 beta, compared to older stable, I use Vsync so noticeable thing I see is that fps drops not so dramatic.

  6. fuwgmongoloids says:

    When will we get info on the latest needs to buff non-OP & unbiased Russian tanks b/c they’re not doing too well?

    How about an update informing us that gold use in battles isn’t 5% it’s barely 0.5% so there’s no need to look into it further?

    Maybe we can get a new Rampage Mode so people can earn really good [of course] Russian Meds that will be “earned” in early morning battles ONLY by people in top tier clans that swarm the battlefield in 1 wk?????

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