Took long enough


Following yesterday‘s article, Wargaming Console has updated changed their VK 45.03 Adler article on the portal to properly credit greyweasel UK:


Also, some Player Experience Specialist from Console nicknamed Raibot has posted a damage control tweet which, like Firehawk894 from RSR’s Discord said, it pretty translates as “”Congrats Greyweaseluk on only being worthy of being given credit when it bails us out”:


Like they didn’t know the skin was in the pipe for a month or more before it actually arrived, during which time they could’ve gotten the permission…

-“Smell that? Do you smell that? Bullshit, son. Nothing in the world smells like that!”


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Took long enough

35 thoughts on “Took long enough

  1. Ruthless4u says:

    WOTC console is nothing but BS. They allow players to make death threats on the forum without banning them, but you remind them they owe everything to their customers it results in a permaban on their official forum.

    1. Anonymous says:

      At least their forum isn’t as strict as PC. You so much as give a hint of negativity and mods will start stalking all of your posts to find the slightest reasons to give strikes in hopes of getting you banned.

      1. DecoNoir says:

        They aren’t as strict on appearance, but more prone to mods taking things personally. Earlier last year we had a person sending death threats to another player on the forum. But, the recipient was an outspoken critic of WG, so it took weeks for the sender to be banned. Meanwhile, people who point out bugs in the game receive slaps on the wrist for spamming. So choose your poison I suppose?

      2. wolvenworks says:

        depends on the moderator. i’ve found that EU mods are stricter than SEA ones in most cases. it’s kinda common to see mods banter a bit in SEA too (except the senior mod Centurion, who’s 80% serious most of the time). maybe because we’re asians and we actually know when to chill the fuck down, especially on that one particular thread discussing GuP

      3. They didnt do anything to my post HEAVILY criticizing the KV4, as I think its probably the worst tier 8 tank in the current MM. Maybe tanks like t342 are worse, but there are VERY few…

    2. Anonymous says:

      Yep, one player made a joke death threat to a friend on the forum (everyone knew they were friends) and he got perma banned, but one of the fanboys (names a bit like “Russianotalive”) actually said “I will kill you” to someone and the post didn’t even get deleted.

      So as long as you lick WG ass you can do what you like over there.

  2. Moshpit400 says:

    Hey look, another “que que WG are bad nothing’s ever good enough” article. This site is turning from an informative site to a gossip site more and more everyday it seems.

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      At least you can post a critical comment in the PC forums without getting the Hammer and they do have actual bug reporting threads stared by WG staff !!!!

      1. Rita Sobral says:

        What some people don’t understand, is that I would have written a much different article if the damage control wasn’t done like pulling wool on people’s eyes.

        They wouldn’t have corrected the article if they didn’t felt they had fucked up and for that, I applaud them as they were quite swift on repairing but don’t come and lie you were waiting for permission when you already said you had. And need to point out, when I said: “you”, I meant the office, it has nothing to do with the staff member that posted it.

        It would look far better on them admitting a mistake than trying to be deceitful during statements, WG for numerous times has done this and its what I am not cool about, I am not okay that they think people are this stupid and this is not a problem that comes only from Console.

        They ultimately work for a Russian company, I sometimes wish they acted more like it for once and became more direct instead of this constant chicanery.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hey look, another SovietDeath wannabe.

      If WG did no wrong before, why suddenly make that Twit? Seriously kid, you’ve got something brown on your nose.

  3. The part in the tweet that says “in conjunction with” makes you think he knew WG’s plan in advance. Or they’re to keep it to themselves.

    Well, at least they did this. Pick your battles I suppose?

    1. Moshpit400 says:

      Yup, and he hasn’t complained one time about any of it. On the contrary, he has posted about how glad he is that they used his skin in the game. The only people upset about it are people who had nothing to do with it and no skin in the game. Yet here we have posts talking about to little to late, as if they accomplished anything other than whining and crying for thier own sake.

      1. Anonymous says:

        And you’re still here why? Wouldn’t you be better off in your WG safe space.

        (🤔WG employee maybe?)

      2. CA says:

        Mosh: could you post the comments by the guy on this? Not because I doubt you, but because it would teach Rita something about journalism.

  4. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    What you people are forgetting is the bloody price for it. Over 9000 gold is extortion, but as usual all the fucking stupid morons will buy it because they obviously have unlimited wallet space, even if they can’t actually play the tank properly

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s actually quite bad what WG are charging these days, makes you wonder if they’re cashing in before the numbers get any lower?

  5. Kyros says:

    I still can’t believe how triggered you all are, because of someone that did a skin on a Tank that literally took him about 10mins, without any original idea. It’s just some Nazi pictures googled, slapped to the Tank and called great work.

    I would feel ashamed if someone knew that WG took this 10min done garbage from me and are selling it as “great” “original” “awesome” skin Tank.

    Btw what happend to the dislike button ? I can not see now how many got their feelings hurt because of my facts…

  6. We can all laugh at the fact that WG has a staff member with the title “Player Experience Specialist”

    Yeah you don’t need to employ one of them, because do you know who knows about player experience more than anybody? THE PLAYERS

    1. Anonymous says:

      There’s one who has the title “gameplay expert”. Yet at least once a month he gets corrected on posts he makes trying to answer a question.

      There’s actually one player who was perma banned for correcting Max Chaos, the reason was harassment I think?

  7. Nameless says:

    I still don’t get it: what’s the fuzz about all of this?
    As far as I know, WG are allowed to use fan-made stuff. There isn’t anything about giving credit.
    While, on the other side, I don’t like ot that they simply changed the tweet so that now it seems they’ve given credit to him.
    And also, again, why do you even bother talking about this sort of stuff? It’s useless when there are plenty of subjects like game balance and just how much WG has recently damaged it. But no, you post what’s basically gossip.
    I’m not defending anyone here. Rather, I question the rationale, the reason behind making what I consider a small mistake seem like it’s the end of the world. Again, you guys should maybe use your influence (be it just a little) and maybe help us get in touch better with WG. There’s a thousand and one questions (serious ones too) that have had no reply until now. And, in fact, I myself will put one such question:
    WG, we understand you’re a company and we respect your need to make money. After all, that’s why you’re here: to earn your living. But we ask you: why have you degraded the quality of the game? What is the reason behind it? Why are you constantly lying about being in touch with what the playerbase wants? How far do you think you’ll go with your current policy?

    1. Nameless says:

      And also, another question for you:
      Why do comments need moderation before being made public? While I understand that there might be comments like death threads and stupid, trollish questions but they might aswell reveal another perspective on a certain situation, one that might be against your views, one that is true (while your is not).
      This (at least to me) raises a question mark. It’s small but big enough to worry me about what you might be hiding from us. You’re so eager to post every, single, little shit that WG does yet you, too, might be hiding your own mistakes instead of openly admitting them.
      *I’m quite curious if this comment will be made public. If so, I’d like you to delete this text between the asterisks.*

      1. Rita Sobral says:

        I am actually having wordpress issues with the comment section. They are all automatically held for moderation even tho I have in options to let people comment freely. This has been going on for a few months now. Just got a guy building me a second page and am waiting for him to finish some more urgent projects to then ask if he can tweak RSR a bit because quite honestly, website design is not my forte.

        Furthermore, I rarely hold any comment, especially if is just someone sharing their opinion whether the person agrees with me or not, I only hold if the commenter is being a being complete tit. We often go into heated debates on the RSR’s Discord. Its where most of the chatting is happening and where you can sometimes get a better insight of things like these type of questions. I openly answer it all.

    2. DecoNoir says:

      As Rita has stated, we host this site on WordPress and are thus subject to it’s whims at any one time, so apologies for only getting back to you now.

      That said, I am the primary poster of World of Tanks Console content here, though roles aren’t really strict, so Rita covers it as well when something strikes her fancy. This particular example is just the latest in WG’s Console team having little respect for their players beyond open wallets. While the example may be small, it is nonetheless an example of how little they care about respecting their players. If you want to see more of my coverage of WoT Console, we do have articles catagorized to make it easy for you to find. I’ve done several opinion pieces in my time here with examples of WarGaming’s lax attitude towards balance changes, and shoddy attempts at content.

      I also transcribe developer Q&As as they come out and usually make an effort to take statements from the forum and compile them whenever possible. However this has been a bit slower recently as the last Dev Q&A was cancelled at the last minute with no further notice as of now.

      And believe me, I have tried several times to have the development team open up to the community, or even contributors like myself through open dialogue. That said, I have very little contact with people within WG with any position to make that happen.

      Hope that answered some of your questions.

  8. Honestly, who the bloody hell cares about a WoT Console skin drama?

    As some said above WG can use what they like from mods, as well as it really takes 10 minutes to make. Just another WG roasting article from Rita, nothing new.

  9. CA says:

    I have a crazy idea. Contact Greyweaseluk and get a statement. WG easily could have pushed the release date of that skin up and then legal told the PR team without a signed release you can’t use the guy’s name. It is every bit as possible as the initial libel you printed about “plagiarism” without bothering to read the terms of service. Did you contact WG for a statement? If they didn’t respond to you report it. You seem to have printed supposition without confirming facts and then when your shoddy journalism is called out, accuse people of questioning your narrative of being suck ups.

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