For those who don’t get on with DezGamez accent This list comes from . The profit is net after all deductions including consumables as if played on a standard account.

Top ten list

  • T26E5 Patriot                         23,311.31 cr
  • Strv S1                                      22,824.30 cr
  • M4A1 Revalorise                   21,686.56 cr
  • T26E5                                        20,569.84 cr
  • Lowe                                         20,441.61 cr
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion G    20,441.61 cr
  • Object 252U                            20,067.37 cr
  • T34                                            19,910.71 cr
  • T25 Pilot Number 1              19,777.28 cr
  • FCM 50 t                                  19,153.47 cr
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22 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST PREMIUM TANKS

  1. party1c says:

    my educated guess about the difference between standart T26E5 and the patriot is indeed the camovalues that come with the paint. would be interesting to see the difference between patriot and the T26E5 who have camo applied.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      According to that logic “Defender” should be better credit maker than 252U. But it’s not even on the list.

  2. ThePegasus1979 says:

    Sorry to say that, but Dez’s list is WRONG. Why? Because he used “Net Income” as value for the ranking. The correct value is “Credits PER MINUTE (NET)”. Total net income without taking the time into consideration you need to earn it doesn’t make sense. As 50k net in 5 minutes is worth way more than 60k net in 7 minutes

    Correct ranking is (for EU):
    1. Object 252U (non-Defender): 8,321 net-cr/min
    2. WZ-111: 8,013 net-cr/min
    3. T26E5 (non-Patriot) : 5,861 net-cr/min
    4. Panther 88: 5,735 net-cr/min
    5. SuperPershing: 5,545 net-cr/min
    6. Rudy: 5,109 net-cr/min
    7. T34: 4,822 net-cr/min
    8. T25 Pilot: 4,754 net-cr/min
    9. Strv S1: 4,728 net-cr/min
    10. T26E5 Patriot Version: 4,639 net-cr/min

    1. Gross income
      T-34-85 Rudy 18,277.61

      Net income
      T-34-85 Rudy 10,327.39 cr

      Per minute
      T-34-85 Rudy 5,109.73

      T-34-85 Rudy 6.12 min

      1. Your drugs are staggeringly good if you think 10,327 creds per 6 minute battle equates to 5100 creds per minute. 10,327.39 creds in 6.12 minutes = 1687.482 cred per minute, you miserable pillock. Go hide your shame immediately.

        Also, I dont know where you went to school, but sue your maths teacher for malpractice immediately.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The funnyest is that you find in third place of the net income per minute a non-premium tank, the Leo !!! How surprising !

    1. Object 252U, Soviet Union, Tier 8 Heavy Object 252U (small data set) 4,397 8,321.21 cr
    2. WZ-111, China, Tier 8 Heavy WZ-111 (small data set) 2,269 8,013.43 cr
    3. Leo, Sweden, Tier 7 Medium Leo 7,038 6,102.52 cr
    4. T26E5, USA, Tier 8 Heavy T26E5 (small data set) 4,344 5,861.59 cr
    5. Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, Germany, Tier 8 Medium Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 (small data set) 2,463 5,735.22 cr
    6. T26E4 SuperPershing, USA, Tier 8 Medium T26E4 SuperPershing 6,668 5,545.55 cr
    7. T-34-85 Rudy, Soviet Union, Tier 6 Medium T-34-85 Rudy 6,369 5,109.73 cr
    8. M18 Hellcat, USA, Tier 6 TD M18 Hellcat 10,305 5,092.19 cr
    9. T34, USA, Tier 8 Heavy T34 6,341 4,822.77 cr
    10. T25 Pilot Number 1, USA, Tier 8 Medium T25 Pilot Number 1 12,501 4,754.12 cr

    1. ThePegasus1979 says:

      Are you sure u used VBaddict right? Seems like you did check your tank stats, not the “click here for all players”. 😉

    2. You really should actually read what you paste before posting it- Those figures are obviously utter garbage. Forinstance even the most cursory thought would tell you that if the average net per battle for the 252 is about 20k then for it to have a net per minute of over 8k its average battle length would have to be under 2.5 minutes, and THAT should make you go “waitaminute….”.

      1. jerryatrick53 says:

        The numbers I used came from vbaddicts at the time of the post not the video or anywhere else. So if the two sets of stats disagree take it up with vbaddicts .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would find it hard to see how you could make as LITTLE as 23k average in a Strv S1, when I (a barely average player) make 30-40k on a defeat.

    I would, but just last weekend an enemy Strv S1 bounced Premium shells repeatedly off my Strv 103-0 (until I had to turn to face his teammates). So, 288mm penetration just wasn’t enough against 40mm of armour… and he’d learned nothing about armour angling and overpenetration even while driving the same sort of tank!

    So… yeah… I can see where the credits go…

  5. Afrika says:

    STA-2 is rightly kept out of that list.

    My avg net creds in that tank must be around 12000

    This compared to my Super Pershing that used to make 17500-20000 avg creds per game (on std acct)

    Now though, woth these OP crap tanks flooding tier 8 games, I need to fire too much gold ammo to be of some use in the match. Useless to have these old tanks now.

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