Top Tanker Event- Alternate Prizing

Good day everyone,

A few asked about the possibility of winning a tank you already owned in the upcoming Top Tanker event. While the answer comes from the RU server, I believe it can be safe to assume other servers will have this opportunities.

First off, if you win a tank you already have in your garage, you will be compensated in credits. However if you have the necessary credits you can contact Customer Support (before the end of 2016) and you can exchange the credits for another premium tank.

Alternate Prizes

1. Type 59- T26E4 Super Pershing or Panther mit 8.8cm L/71

2. Rheinmetall Scorpion G- T26E4 Super Pershing or Panther mit 8.8 L/70

3. Panzer 58 Mutz- T26E4 Euper Pershing or Panther mit 8.8 L/70

4. Cromwell B- Heavy Tank No. 6 or AC-4 Experimental

5. Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2- Heavy Tank No.2 or AC-4 Experimental


There are also a few differences in prizes between servers. Here are the appropriate prizes:







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