Top Tanker Event- Alternate Prizing

Good day everyone,

A few asked about the possibility of winning a tank you already owned in the upcoming Top Tanker event. While the answer comes from the RU server, I believe it can be safe to assume other servers will have this opportunities.

First off, if you win a tank you already have in your garage, you will be compensated in credits. However if you have the necessary credits you can contact Customer Support (before the end of 2016) and you can exchange the credits for another premium tank.

Alternate Prizes

1. Type 59- T26E4 Super Pershing or Panther mit 8.8cm L/71

2. Rheinmetall Scorpion G- T26E4 Super Pershing or Panther mit 8.8 L/70

3. Panzer 58 Mutz- T26E4 Euper Pershing or Panther mit 8.8 L/70

4. Cromwell B- Heavy Tank No. 6 or AC-4 Experimental

5. Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2- Heavy Tank No.2 or AC-4 Experimental


There are also a few differences in prizes between servers. Here are the appropriate prizes:







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Top Tanker Event- Alternate Prizing

22 thoughts on “Top Tanker Event- Alternate Prizing

  1. Ain’t no way I can match up with the rest of those crazy ass cats and their tanker skills. Mine is just plain awful. The Prizes are good, and tempting, but I’m not wasting my time on this and not get a tank for my efforts, and then end up with nothing less than personal reserves. No way, Jose! If I want to waste my time. . . .then I’ll waste it in War Thunder or MechWarrior Online.

  2. So if you win but end up having the reward already you get a worse reward. Punishing people who pay for the game lol, gg wg. A gold compensation would be more fair, or at least a tank that isnt on sale like KV-5/PzIV.S/M41-90/etc… Even the KV-220 would be nice for EU.

    1. If you don’t like the giveaway, you could just accept the credit compensation and buy a tank you like or just relax and not participate. The only way I’m going to win is if most of the players better than me don’t think the top prizes are worth the effort.

  3. DeanoGTO says:

    i know my chances of getting number 1 in this for a tank are very small but if i did come number i would want to be able to choose any tier 8 prem outside of the cw tanks so i dont give a shit about the panther 88 that thing has no appeal for me i would honestly prefer a pz58 mutz or a t34 3 or 112 (you know because thats the op chinese prem now not the type 59)

    1. Then they may as well give out gold or even cash if you could pick any tank you wanted. Panther 88 has one of the best guns and dpm for a mobile premium and super persh has pref. Mm and not as bad as it looks if you remember it is a medium tank and not a heavy. To be fair, if I won a tier 8 i didn’t like, I would appreciate the option of trading with someone who won a tier 6 prize especially for anyone who got first in the churchill gun carrier or Chi-Ri just to brighten their day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My first idea is thats MOE in 5 challange. I like the idea and competition / even as it seems as full-gold-5wins-in-the-row. I want to try my causal play style and than switch to try-hard mode and see if and whats the difference if theres any or if its worth it 🙂

  5. Honcho says:

    I have all those tanks except for the type 59. Is it werth trying? Not for me, as iam not good enough.
    By the way: you get more xp for a victory, does that count as base xp?

  6. Mr player says:

    WG can eat sh.t with this event. I thought first it is better what event used to be earlier and when a lucky bird won the prize with a lucky battle. It is 3 days over and I can see that it is a bullsh.t. Top clan players started to occupy the first positions and no doubt that until the end of Nov they will occupy more.

    Few lucky average players can still win tank but we went into a direction when again those who get tanks, gold and everything will get the main prizes from this even too. This is a backfire and will demotivate people. Why did they change the system? Maybe few “big” clan players complained that not skill but luck dominated the similar events earlier but WG should not be such fool idiot to listen to them.

    Also, why can not give some reserve to the top 1000? Pathetic, really. Only a useless medal, nothing else, what the majority of the players can expect from this event but they should feel motivated to play again and again the 5 series to try to improve the average hopelessly.

    My other problem is if I have a bad game what pulls down my average. I have to play 5 more games, better games all just to push this bad game out of the 5 queue. Nonsense.They should take for example the 5 best battles from the last 10 or something. It seems complete idiots compiled this event who don’t know the human nature.

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