Top Tanker Event- Reward Compensation

Brief update from WG support, for winners of the Top Tankers event will recieve credit compensation if they already own the events reward tank. However, if you file a ticket to Customer Services you are able to exchange the credits for alternative premium tank. Here are the exchanges:

Type 59 exchange for T26E4 SuperPershing or Panther 8,8 cmRhm Skorpion GT26E4 SuperPershing or Panther 8,8 cm

Pz 58 Mutz exchange for T26E4 SuperPershing or Panther 8,8 cm

Cromwell B exchange for Heavy Tank n°6 or AC4 Experimental

Strv m/42-57 exchange for Heavy Tank n°6 or AC4 Experimental

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Top Tanker Event- Reward Compensation

23 thoughts on “Top Tanker Event- Reward Compensation

    1. NA has a different exchange because its tier 6 reward was a KV-220. I believe, this is for The elite 650 EU stat padders/riggers. Great event Wargaming, I never felt so excluded from an event before.

      1. Get good. For once this was an event actually based on player performance and not some random rng that favoured you.

        I got plenty rewards on plenty of tanks and I didn’t statpad or rig to get it.

        Maybe you just can’t admit that you suck and others are better than you and thus deserve winning a prize for their efforts.

      2. 57% winrate player over here with a recent of 2500 wn8 username Bajicoy, NA, pm for confirm, also, you can only get one tank reward, read the top tanker event rules, and hated the rng ones as well, didn’t get any tanks from the tank hallow event with over 50 tries. I prefered the monthly points rewards because I knew what I was getting for playing a little every day. Dude, do you even think before stepping on a landmine?

      3. gpc_4 says:

        I believe you can get multiple tank rewards. You only receive one achievement for your highest place in the standings (1, 2, 3, 10, 100, or 1000), this just goes on your service record like a Top Gun of High Caliber medal.

      4. Hmm really? Are you sure what that means? So you’re saying the number of players that could win a tank just dropped from 650 to maybe 500 in a server where there are tens of thousands of players and normally a few thousand better than you at least. And in a perfect world you could end up with the best three players in a server winning all the tanks. That is some interesting logic I missed in the event page. I envy the people who have such big egos to say they are the greatest person alive at something.

      5. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Or your team just sucks and or people just yea rig to get it done.. Ill admit alto of clans do it and im disgusted

        But still I can taunt them with my su76i and make em rage

  1. Anonymous says:

    it said you will get reward for your best rated tank, so assume it means you get 1 reward(tank or just bonuses)….I personally never got better than 150th place so no rewards for me…..but I seen some fcked up stuff for examlpe. : platoon of 2x IS5 and a Cromwell B in tier nine battle where they feed Cromwell with dmg by blocking enemy tanks so he can kill them and Cromwell going full gold…..he finished battle with over 1400 base xp…. they were blue and pink players…… that rigging? or creative thinking?

    1. Yeah, it was a fun thing to try and get, the first several missions were tough but workable. Once people stopped playing the rampage mode and I heard it was going to get nerfed I thought it was fine to pick up one of the weirdest tier 10 mediums. Gotta say coordinating 10-20 people to get over 15 internal modules damaged in 10 min was a fun minigame with everyone shooting each other and trying to get their own respective missions done. I’m a collector of tanks and it was the only way to pick the tank up, if rigging is the only way to win then that becomes the game play. The problem is when rigging and normal play collide and non riggers have to compete with actual riggers does rigging show its ugly teeth and especially for very competitive tanks like the Pz 58 Mutz, Type 59, and Comwell B.

      I’d sell the T-22 if wargaming told me it was illegal to have but the tank isn’t overpowered anymore to warrant that and as you will see, I have barely touched the tank for stat padding purposes and only to experiment with what design qualities the T-22 designers had in mind. Collecting is why I play and I want all of them with an understanding that I am not harming the game’s ecosystem.

      That said, I do not appreciate being told that I am not good at what I do for an entire month which the top tanker event always screamed at you for rather than just having fun in a regular schedule. I am a pessimist and never assume that I am the best at anything with 7 billion people in the world, there is always someone better so it annoys me when the average player tells me that they like the event because they believe they are the greatest person alive. Those boosters they hand out to the majority of players are nothing more than short term investments and an utter waste of time compared to the prospects of winning a tank which 99% of players will be excluded from besides those who know how to rig a match in a non-rigging environment.

  2. I honestly think that the only problem for this is that there’s little difference between rank 2 and 99.

    Would be nice of they also give some other gift for rank 2-10, for example. Even a small number of golds would be nice.

  3. zfissette says:

    I’m top tanker in the foch 155 and I’m getting pushback on taking a scorp g instead of a type 59 which I already have, any idea what the story is?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Platoon with 3 members, 2 get the hits and defend THE ONE who gives it,and better when THE ONE is 2 tiers lower, with full gold.

  5. Esurio1 says:

    Got myself a cromwel b for number 2 rating with the t29 😀 got to say that where the most lucky 5games in a row i ever had with the tank. And yea even if i didnt get a tank i still like this event more as rng based events. Any1 remembers the golden loltraktor for which you got gold if you killed it?? I have never seen 1 even though i played 100s of games when the event was live

  6. zfissette says:

    I won the top tanker event for the Foch 155 and they are telling me that I have to take the value of the type 59 since I already own it and that its not possible to get the skorp g instead. so we need some clarity on this and they did not accept a link to this page.

    1. dang, that’s rough, do you have a link that you can share to the old page? I’m wondering if you could find and confirm someone who did win a skorp G on the forums so you could send a ticket in for a trade? This is weird but the more I think about it, I don’t think the NA did have the option of trading a tank for a Skorp G and the best prize was a Pz 58 Mutz or Ripper Patton. I could certainly be wrong on this.

    1. my bad haha, type 59 included, you are right, what I was pointing at was that the Skorp G was not available to NA players for exchange since the best exchange tanks were a Panther 88, T26E4, or something else that costs only 7200 ish gold and the Skorp G costs well over 11000 gold

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