Turán III For Sale


the Turán III is currently for sale on the NA server until May 2 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET. These are the prices:


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  •  Turán III prototípus
  • 1x Ventilation Class 2
  • 1x Med.-Cal. Tank Rammer
  • 1x Coated Optics
  • 390 G


  • 510 G
  • 1x Garage Slot


  •  Turán III prototípus
  • 1x Garage Slot
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Turán III For Sale

25 thoughts on “Turán III For Sale

  1. Nigmata says:

    A hungarian tank and still not available to purchase in EU…thanks WG!

    Maybe later, within an 50€ package…because we are fucking rich…

  2. Shtuka says:

    I don’t care if it’s half dead, half baked, half made. It’s a Hungarian tank! As Comrade Pelikan used to say “It’s yellow, it’s sour… but it’s ours.” (<— only Huns get the reference 😉 )

  3. Da_Zohan says:

    “The American-designed, German-modified M41/90 GF is World of Tanks’ first tier VIII Premium light tank! It mounts a powerful gun with a quick reload and has good mobility, so get it while you can – it’s perfect for dominating the flanks and training your German light tank Crews! This M41/90 GF comes with tons of great extras!”

    The American-designed, German-Modifed…….
    I assume that most of you have no problem with this. Maybe you have a problem with the fact that it is a premium tank that costs money, and obviously, the vast majority of the player base does not spend money in this game, FTP business model and all.

    BUT…If a designed by 1 nation and modified by another nation works, then there is no excuse to not having ISRAELI MODIFIED tanks in this game.

  4. Keller13 says:

    Anyone else notice that all of the new tanks are overpriced bundles not available through the tech tree? Obvious money grabs are obvious. Would like new tanks, but won’t give them anymore money until they fix the issues that have been in the game since I started playing.

  5. I want to take the time to say how HAPPY I am that they are actually selling this tank entirely on it’s own. (With only a Garage Slot, obviously) As a Collector I will; and be able to; buy this tank now. TY WG and TY Rita and others who pushed the issue for us!

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