Two Map Musical Theme Videos

World of Tanks Europe have posted two map theme tune videos, Prokhorovka and Lakeville.

At the beginning of the theme, a soldier types out a dispatch, requesting reinforcements. The SOS signal breaks the silence, followed by the Belarusian song “Kupalinka”. The song is more than just an Easter Egg; it introduces us to a village located next to the battlefield. “Kupalinka” stands for the unity of the Slavic nations. A choir of traditional instruments strengthens the orchestra. Soon, reinforcements arrive: infantry and tanks. Victory is close at hand.

The music conveys the atmosphere and grandness of the Swiss Alps.

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Two Map Musical Theme Videos

2 thoughts on “Two Map Musical Theme Videos

  1. Anonymous says:

    This game has so much more potential for player enjoyment if they would quit ignoring that the current matchmaking system is broken (on NA server), providing more unbalanced gameplay than balanced, as well as the lack of the number maps, as they continue to remove maps. Why remove maps if the wargaming community does not have a problem with them?

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