UDES 03 Updated Stats

Straight from the test server, updated stats on the Tier 8 Swedish TD, UDES 03.



Tier 8
Weight: 20.86 tons
HP: 1000
Engine power: 550hp
Power-to-Weight ratio: 26.37
Speed: + 70kph / -50 kph
Terrain Resistances: 1.247 / 1.342 / 2.301
Hull Rotation: 28°s
Hull Armor: 20/20 mm

Gun: 10.5 cm kan UDES 03
Penetration: 288/330/53mm
Damage: 390/390/480
DPM: 2085.7
Rate of fire: 5.348
Reload: 11.219 s
Accuracy: 0.343
Aim Time: 2.94
View Range: 350 m
Radio Range: 886.4 m

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UDES 03 Updated Stats

31 thoughts on “UDES 03 Updated Stats

      1. Anonymous says:

        The 416 is a medium tank, this is a TD. It’s meant for a flank ambush and quick retreat. If u try to use it as a Med and bitch about it then u should uninstall.

      2. Captain_Roos says:

        Heres the thing though, this thing is a full TD. The 416 is this OP tank that somehow gets both medium and TD characteristics while being better than both. So, unfair comparison of the 2

  1. Keke says:

    I really hope that aiming time and dpm is from drive mode.
    But then that accuraty really doesnt support that teory.

    Must have quite crazy dispersion values to actually operate
    least somehow in tunnel maps what we have now.
    When compined that time what you normally need to
    move position. + that somehow 2 sec to shooting mode.
    and if we really have wait that full time to aim you will
    take shot or two before you can even shot your first
    shell and then wait that 2 sec again to gain some speed
    to reverse because that couple kmh what you can most
    likely move in siege mode cant save you in that situation.

    We can only hope wg have though those things. because
    in maps what we mostly have now even normal turretles
    paper td:s which have low aplha are quite weak,

  2. Tommy_Gun says:

    Wargaming says: “We will improve the role of armor”
    Wargaming does: “We introduce to you the new tier 8 TD with 288 mm penetration”

    The only tier 8 TD that has even close to that is ISU-152 (286 pen). But that TD uses 152 mm gun and it has long reload.

    This new *thing* has 105 mm gun. So what it shoots uranium projectiles or somthing ?!
    Also +70 / – 50 km/h. In a TD. Small TD. So why do we need light scout tanks anymore ?
    Power Creep at its finest…

  3. *face palm*

    I don’t know if this is in drive mode or siege mode. We’ll have to see how this tank works with the new overmatch mechanics. If this tank is being allowed in, we might get to see armored cars soon now that their tinfoil armor won’t get auto pennetrated anymore. 288mm of pen is probably unneccesary but maybe it will fire apcr as standard and the poor normalization will shoot the tank in the foot. Unless it fires heat as standard, that could be pretty funny at the same time.

    This post has no information to make much of any conclusion on 🙁

    1. Keke says:

      That pen is quite nice and i think it is better to be apcr because
      shell velocity. Slow ap shells arent exacly best ones to hit fast moving
      tanks. With 288mm penetration normalisation is not that important will
      shell penerate or bounce. And im quite sure that 330mm pene is from
      heat shell.

      And about armor. 20mm on front can barely bounce anything
      no matter how good angle it has. Only things where it can actually save
      is against HE shells. But i wont count on that…

      1. Anonymous says:

        I’m not so sure. With the new bouncing mechanic, it might indeed bounce a lot of stuff off its steeply angled armor.

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        New armor mechanics mean the 3-caliber rule goes to hell if I understood well.

        It didnt work to begin with honeslty. Many times I bounced Waffenträgers, AMX 13s and other paper armor tanks with high caliber guns. Except now it’ll simply be removed I guess.

        I mean I didnt really understand their explaining but talking about overmatch and saying it’ll make the Sweedish TD’s armor work, the only way this can be done is by simply removing autopen on weak surfaces.

        Inb4 steel wall in Rhm WT

  4. GrimmReaperBG says:

    Freaking bad. I really hope in siege mode stats of the gun, i.e. firerate (dpm), accuracy, aiming time etc. would be way better, because with this shitty stats ALL of the current TDs looks like T10 tenks compared to this T8… 1k health?! Really?! As much as T6 HT (O-I) has, at T8, with 390 alpha?!

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