Upcoming D-Day Marathon Reward: M10 RBFM + Stat Changes


according to leaks, its been confirmed that the M10 RBFM will be the next Marathon Reward as a D-Day WoT event to celebrate the 6 of June.

“Ready to disembark” medal we are supposed to earn for participating in the event.

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These are the M10 RBFM statistics:

(From the previous article)

And these are the statistic changes that Deconoir could find from the leaked new stats:

“Before > Latest”

  • Penetration: 128 > 130
  • DPM: 1755 > 2321.2
  • Reload: 3.93 > 2.973
  • Rate of Fire: 15.26 > 20.184
  • Hull Traverse: 31.29 > 30
  • Turret Traverse: 16.69 > 16.7
  • Aim Time: 1.63 > 1.73

The marathon event will be around for roughly 2 weeks and there will be a challenge for each of the days that will be running.

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Upcoming D-Day Marathon Reward: M10 RBFM + Stat Changes

5 thoughts on “Upcoming D-Day Marathon Reward: M10 RBFM + Stat Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this a TD?
    if so that 130 standard pen looks very low for a T6 TD (Hellcat has 160 pen
    any idea of the alpha damage?
    otherwise it feels like the top USA T5 Wolverine TD Gun

      1. Anonymous says:

        ahh ok a t5 Premium version of the Wolverine USA TD

        nice I enjoyed the wolverine (2 gun marks on it) on my grind through the US tech trees
        thinking maybe T5 is more enjoyable now with the ‘fixed’ MM

        looking forward to it

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