Upcoming D-Day Marathon Reward: M10 RBFM + Stat Changes


according to leaks, its been confirmed that the M10 RBFM will be the next Marathon Reward as a D-Day WoT event to celebrate the 6 of June.

“Ready to disembark” medal we are supposed to earn for participating in the event.

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These are the M10 RBFM statistics:

(From the previous article)

And these are the statistic changes that Deconoir could find from the leaked new stats:

“Before > Latest”

  • Penetration: 128 > 130
  • DPM: 1755 > 2321.2
  • Reload: 3.93 > 2.973
  • Rate of Fire: 15.26 > 20.184
  • Hull Traverse: 31.29 > 30
  • Turret Traverse: 16.69 > 16.7
  • Aim Time: 1.63 > 1.73

The marathon event will be around for roughly 2 weeks and there will be a challenge for each of the days that will be running.

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