Update 1.0.1: Lowdown on Tier VIII–X Italian Tanks

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The elephant in the room right now is the impending arrival of the Italian Tech Tree. Comprised of 11 new vehicles and fine-tuned following your feedback from Common tests, it joins the game May 2.

Compact, lightly armored, and mobile low-tier tanks, as well as mid tiers packing more firepower and better protection prepare you for the futuristic post-WWII designs at Tier VIII and up. Rooted in a group of prototypes developed during the Kampfpanzer Standart program, they’re equipped with autoreloader guns and compensate for inherently light armor with good mobility, decent gun depression and rate of fire.


Even if you aren’t a big-time fan of the nation’s tankbuilding, meeting top-tier Italians (in the hands of a skillful player) is likely to send you back to the Garage. Besides, it’s not that often that we introduce a new nation and shooting mechanic all at once. So sit back, arm yourself with a slice of pizza, and get comfy as we explain how to fight in or against this Mediterranean pack.

P.44 Pantera

Your introduction to the autoreloader begins with the P.44 Pantera at Tier VIII. Essentially, its gameplay revolves around finding close- and mid-combat situations where it can leverage good gun depression and work its fast-firing and accurate gun sniping down enemies.

COMBAT ROLE: Sniper, close and medium distances

Useful hints

  • Make sure you have cover nearby: The Pantera takes after the P.43 bis in the armor department meaning it isn’t hard to make a few holes in your hull.
  • Amplify your firepower and view range: Consider installing a Rammer and boosting DPM with perks, equipment, and consumables to take full advantage of the long-barreled 90mm cannon you have.
  • Make every shot count: Unload your clip only when you see it can make a difference or you’ll be left reloading in front of an armed-to-the teeth enemy.
  • Play off DPM: Only use the second and third rounds when you want to detrack an enemy.

Prototipo Standard B

While the Pantera teaches you to keep count of shots fired, the Tier IX Prototipo helps hone this skill. Armed with up to 9 HESH rounds, it feels at home dismantling lightly armored enemies at the 2nd line of fire. Downsides: reload time and insufficient armor.

COMBAT ROLE: Second line support MT

Useful hints

  • Move around: The Prototipo doesn’t have the accuracy to stay efficient at long distances. Close in on enemies, bite them, and then pull back to safety.
  • Use the drum situationally: It takes 3.25s to reload. Analyze what’s happening on the battlefield and switch between single-shot and autoloader. Empty your clip when you know you’ll have time to reload. Single-shot when you need to get someone down to where they can then be clipped out.
  • Position yourself safely: Rather underwhelming armor makes you a tasty snack for enemies.
  • Magnify your strengths: Just as with the Pantera, don’t shy away from using a Rammer, as well as perks, equipment, and consumables at your disposal to increase DPM.

Progetto M40 mod. 65

Unlike its brethren at Tiers VIII and X, the crown jewel of the Italian line really shines when working in bursts of 2–3 shots rather than single shots. Otherwise it inherits the best they have to offer: excellent gun depression, decent mobility, and the nation’s trademark autoreloader gun with a 4-round clip.

COMBAT ROLE: Second—and at times—third-line support MT


  • Accuracy: A sharp-shooting gun makes a universal soldier out of the Progetto. It feels at ease at the 2nd line and can be of use (although much less efficient) at the third.
  • Damage per clip: Wait until an enemy’s attention (and HP) wears down in the second part of the battle, then hunt them down and send them back to the Garage by fully unloading a clip.
  • HESH rounds: A load of HESH rounds (6–9) will come in handy should you meet lightly armored enemies.

Useful hints

  • Adjust your tactics: Wear down enemies with single shots at the start of a battle and switch to the full predator mode when they grow tired and distracted.
  • Forget old habits: Unloading a clip at the first chance won’t do you any good. Watch as the battle unravels and only empty it when your enemy has just as much HP left or when you’re changing a flank and have enough time to find a safe spot to reload fully.
  • Stay close to the pack: Sloped armor can occasionally bounce shells, but is still unreliable. Changing positions will help avoid damage and lead your team to victory. Bring the pain to as many enemies as possible and then seek protection behind better-armored allies.
  • Avoid one-on-one encounters: An autoloader will fully empty a clip and destroy you without breaking sweat—just like your chances are low when trading shots with someone who has a traditional gun. Use the autoreloader situationally, rely on allies, and pick enemies you’re certain to destroy or damage.
  • Watch shell reload time: If you fire again, before the shell is reloaded, reloading is interrupted and starts anew. Should you desperately need to make that next shot, make it right after a shell’s loaded so as not to prolong the reload. If not, don’t rush it and wait for a full reload.


Although each top-tier Italian has something unique to offer, they have a consistent play style meaning the skills you hone at Tier VIII and IX will benefit you at Tier X. Snipe down opposition with the Pantera, support allies from the second line with the Prototipo or go full predator with the Progetto—whichever you choose will come with the autoreloader mechanic, adding a new dimension to your experience.



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