Update 1.0 Test Second Iteration


The test server update is now available for download. Update, The test server is now also available to play.

Patch notes

Loading Maps and Garage

  • Decreased the time required for loading the first map after starting the game client.
  • The Garage interface is available for interactions before loading all its elements.

Fixed Issues

  • Loading screen hanging.
  • Flickering shadows on the selected vehicle in the Garage.
  • Suspensions of some vehicles are displayed appropriately when driving over obstacles.
  • The icon of the guns featuring the magazine loading systems is no longer displayed for guns having the standard loading system.
  • The observer mode includes a panel that displays information about player’s shells and consumables.
  • Fixed the issue related to display of information about the discount, when recruiting a crew member.
  • Fixed the issue related to shooting without spending shells in vehicles featuring the magazine loading system.
  • Fixed the issue when the Activate button (for Personal Reserves) was displayed as active, when all Personal Reserves were already activated.
  • Large knocked down trees on the Live Oaks map are displayed properly.
  • The suspension of some vehicles is displayed properly at the minimum settings in the SD client.
  • When switching to the full-screen mode during the first login, the entire Garage background is no longer green.
  • Fixed the issue of long map/vehicle texture loading.
  • Fixed the issue of black textures displayed after loading maps.
  • Fixed the issue related to the vehicle silhouette outline.
  • The decals of hits are displayed properly.
  • Players can no longer get to areas not intended for playing. Example: a pillbox on the Siegfried Line map.
  • The sounds of receiving damage are played.
  • Adjusted the red flash effect displayed when a shell hits the player’s vehicle.
  • Vehicle silhouette outline is displayed when aiming at vehicles through fences.
  • The terrain shape in the client does not differ from the terrain shape on the server on the Paris map at squares K 3–4.
  • Players can no longer get into the castle on the Himmelsdorf map.
  • Removed the graphics artifacts in the sky on the Ruinberg map.
  • The hovering rock at square B8 on the Redshire map is positioned where it belongs.
  • Removed the artifacts on tesselated latices on the Himmelsdorf map.
  • Fixed the flickering of wet vehicles on the Cliff map at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed flickering shadows on the player’s vehicle in the Garage.
  • Fixed the undisplayed textures on the Glacier map.
  • Fixed the improperly positioned objected on the Nebelburg map.
  • Gamma Settings now work properly.
  • Fixed some technical performance-related issues.
  • Fixed the black textures in the Garage.

Known Issues

  • The emblems are not displayed on vehicles.
  • The penetration marker is always red on some vehicles.
  • The fullscreen mode is not saved.
  • Issues related to texture details are observed on the Glacier map.
  • At square C2, there is a ship with textures that allow vehicles to drive inside keeping them from driving out.
  • On the Nebelburg map, the collision model of a building does not match the real model.
  • On the Ensk map, a chimney remains hovering after the structure is destroyed.
  • When the track effects are disabled, tesselation is displayed partially on the rollers.
  • Client crashes upon minimizing and maximazing it on WinXP.
  • Freezes in some cases when the player’s vehicle is destroyed.
  • FPS drop in the sniper mode when aiming through semi-transparent bushes.
  • Low performance at the Ultra settings during the first seconds after loading a map.
  • Performance drops in some cases when switching to the sniper mode.
  • Performance drop when objects are destroyed by the HAVOK technology.
  • Improper names of settings in the game client.
  • When in the full-screen mode, the signal (game) frequency does not correspond to the screen refresh rate.
  • Sound gets muted in one of the channels (left or right).
  • Sometimes, the actual default state of the map border does not correspond to the map border default option.
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Update 1.0 Test Second Iteration

14 thoughts on “Update 1.0 Test Second Iteration

  1. Known issues: Let’s just not fix em and see how the game reacts… How about fix them and then… well, see what you messed up unintentionally so you can fix those unintentional mistakes?

    Am I crazy or is this normal in the gamingworld today? this feels for me they are doing things the wrong way around…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nah it’s pretty common. Some issues effect more people then others. So instead of focusing on one problem that only effects a handful of people, they’ll focus on the larger ones and places them in a small patch. Then when the bigger patches come out, they’ll take care of those issues. They also put out the known issue list to try and get more feed back on those issues from people who never reported, but did have those issues.

    2. United_Stealth says:

      Either that, OR the team has a shit load of things to do and can’t fix everything at ones since they’re only human and they have more important bugs to fix AND they will fix it later. Dear god, some people -_-

  2. LeaSophie says:

    No it is the normal way in software development. They say they know of some issues, you must not report them anymore. But they couldnt fix them yet. Its a Test Server. But sound bug is known issue for year 🙂 .

  3. WhiteBaron777 says:

    “Decreased the time required for loading the first map after starting the game client.”
    Finally, I won’t have to start off sessions in arty because I wouldn’t get to a position in time in a regular tank

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