Update 1.1: Here Come the Poles

At last after much teasing and hyping of the Tier VIII Premium The 50TP Prototyp the Polish Tech tree will be coming in the next update. From Wargaming :

This year, we promised the addition of two new tank nations; Italy came first and now it’s time for the Polish brethren to take to the battlefield proper. The line will start with light tanks and eventually evolve into top-tier heavies through the mid-tier mediums.

Poland was the next logical step as a nation to add… but why? It was the gateway to the east and west throughout both World Wars and we want to commemorate the bravery and contribution of these people during these conflicts. And last but no means least, the Polish community is one of the largest and we want to pay tribute to their passion and devotion.

So enough chat, let’s get down to it!

Tiers I to X

Low Tiers

The preliminary Polish machines borrowed a lot from vehicles built by leading tank-manufacturers of the 30’s and 40’s. Their traits are similar to other nations—fast and dynamic vehicles with thin armor. But the one distinguishing feature of the low-tiered Poles is they have slightly increased alpha over their peers.

  • 4TP

Based on the famous Vickers Carden Loyd, it weighs in at just over 4 tons and is equipped with a 85hp engine. You might start calling this the tiny “tractor”.

  • 7TP

The British influence continues at Tier II. An evolution of the design laid down with the Vickers Mk. E, this went further than his “little brother”, with just under 150 tanks rolling off the production line.

  • 10TP & 14TP

Tiers III and IV can be seen as light tank brothers due to their similar models. The 10TP was prototyped and successfully tested in 1938-39 but due to the outbreak of the Second World War, work on the tank stopped and the prototype was destroyed.

A similar story (and fate) was left for the 14TP too, work was delayed in early 1939 as a suitable engine couldn’t be found and the tank was never assembled due to the German invasion in September that very year.

Medium Tiers

Marking the transition to heavy tanks in the higher tiers, the mid-tier tanks are diverse from a gameplay perspective, introducing a new set of combat roles. It’s easier to break it down like this:

  • Tier V—Light/Medium hybrid
  • Tier VI—Medium in a heavy’s armor
  • Tier VII—Medium/Heavy hybrid
  • Tank to Note—25 TP KSUST II

A tank concept developed in 1937, this Tier V has been long awaited by the Polish community. The “20/25TP” has been one of the most demanded models in recent history so we can’t wait to see this taking part on the battlefield. The tank has evolved from the lower-tiered Poles with a 75mm gun with 135HP alpha. Rather impressive when looking at medium peers.

  • 40TP Habicha and 45TP Habicha

Now we reach the two incarnations of a concept by Edward Habich. Both these tanks have come to life from the ideas of the talented Polish engineer, blending the best parts of contemporary German and Soviet designs. The Soviet influence resulted in sloped armor and the German influence brought compact turrets and high firepower. High firepower will be a consistent feature of the Polish tanks from Tier VI.

Note: In the transitional tank of Tier VII, it’s very important to be cautious in battle because it doesn’t boast the armor of a heavy.

Top Tiers

While the top-tiered Polish tanks never made it past the drawing board and were left alone in the archives, we believe it’s a great way of refreshing and bringing these machines to life. The three projects were thesis projects by graduate engineers; they would have seen a departure from the post-war Soviet vehicles their fleet used.

  • Tank to Note—53TP Markowskiego

This Tier VIII tank is best seen as a transitional tank, bolstering the bridge between the medium and heavy brethren. It’s a relatively heavy but bulky tank with a couple of cannons (105mm and 122mm). Armor-wise, the tank has a tough turret on top of a weaker hull.

  • 50TP Tyszkiewicza

This Tier IX can be seen like the younger brother of the top tank in this tree. It boasts great alpha damage from its 130mm gun. Overall, note its destructive power and great armor but this is where things start to really slow down in terms of top speed.

  • 60TP Lewandowskiego

In terms of size and looks, you’d be mistaken to think this was a Soviet vehicle. With the 152mm fitted on the tank, just note that your shot choice is extremely important; 250mm of penetration isn’t much, but when you target well, you can take off 750 HP with one shot. And the gun depression ain’t bad either lowering to -8 degrees.

This Tier X behemoth fits naturally as a hybrid of the IS-4 and E-100. In summary, a heavily armored, low-speed damage dealer that is perfect to crush enemy defenses.

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Update 1.1: Here Come the Poles

19 thoughts on “Update 1.1: Here Come the Poles

  1. Anonymous says:

    The tier 8 looks like an IS-3 took an 50/51’s innocence and sent the baby to live with his pop-pop in Poland.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      They need to cash in the Polish community while there’s still anyone playing this imbalanced, p2w garbage. The game bleeds players at a hilarious rate. I bet selling more LeFHs is going to help.

      1. Robopon says:

        I think you’re overestimating how fast WoT is losing players. And considering that polish tree is the SECODN most requested tech tree ever I don’t see a problem in giving polish people what they want. Isn’t it what everybody wants from WG, listening to players?

      2. Infernal969 says:

        In a year EU lost 200k players and RU lost 600k. That’s about 20% of active playerbase.
        If that’s not bleeding, then I don’t know what is.
        I’m happy that WG’s ignorance, incompetence and straight up malice is finally biting them in the ass, but it’s WG, they will just drive the game to the ground to squeeze out every last penny and shut it down instead of even attempting to fix it. Don’t invest, unless you want to fight p2w tier 9 premiums, more premium artys and more Defenders in a year or two.

      3. Robopon says:

        Lmao what? Where did you get the data? And if you didn’t notice, WG is stirring away from OP premiums right now, they got too much shit for Defender and Chrysler. And WG is totally driving this game into the ground by investin tons of money into advertisement and development. 1.0 was basically just relesed, what shut down are you talking about? I’m sorry, my dude, but stop doing drugs.

      4. Infernal969 says:

        Here you go. Took sample from July 16 2017 and 2018 for both severs, but it’s more or less the same everywhere.
        “WG is stirring away from OP premiums right now, they got too much shit for Defender and Chrysler”
        That’s why they keep selling Progettos, Skorpion Gs, LeFHs and tried to sell the Chrysler and E25 again. Can’t wait for the Christmas Defender bundle!
        “And WG is totally driving this game into the ground by investin tons of money into advertisement and development. 1.0 was basically just relesed”
        You can coat a turd in as much sugar as you want, but people will still keep leaving your restaurant if shit is all what they get on their plates. And yes, the glorious 1.0, where they fucked up almost every map and removed a whole bunch. That crap was in the workings for years and this is what they came up with. Eye-burning sunrays and bushes behind every cap. Well done, lads.
        “Isn’t it what everybody wants from WG, listening to players?”
        Yeah, still waiting for that to happen. And the second coming of Jesus Christ.
        “what shut down are you talking about?”
        The one that will happen after even the braindead whales stop feeding them money since there’ll be no more fodder to spam gold ammo at. Unless WG introduces functional bots.

        I’m sorry, my dude, but stop denying reality.

      5. Robopon says:

        Okay dude, whatever you say. “huurr defenders, durrr maps are fucked now, duuuh gold ammo, game is dead reeeeeeeeeee”. I’m just too lazy to argue with everybody so let’s just leave it at that.

      6. whitesample says:

        “huurr defenders, durrr maps are fucked now, duuuh gold ammo, game is dead reeeeeeeeeee”

        Are you retarded?
        If you cared for the game you would be pissed.

        It used to be like 26k people on NA. Now i has like 12k.
        Its a slow but steady line to doom.
        But since they dont care about their game, why should I care too?

      7. Robopon says:

        My dude, I do care, but what can I do? Zero, nothing. And I mostly care about REAL problems, like gold ammo (which will hopefully be reworked, according to WG) and terrible MM (which they also promise to fix, in six months though, lul). Overpowered premiums? Nah, they’re gonna be powercreeped to shit eventually, no real problem here as long as WG won’t do the same mistake again. Maps are fucked? Yeah, some new maps have problems but it’s not like maps are unplayable, I personally have a lot of fun on Province, for example. New Erlenberg is my favourite map now too. About declining players, it’s perfectly fine. Game is 8 years old now, whad did you expect? I honestly think that smaller playerbase would be much healthier for the game. WG executives may be assholes, but they won’t let WoT go down that easily, it’s their main game after all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is a lot of imaginary tanks right there. 100% sure the balance is AFU. WG why keep adding stuff when you can not fix the shit you already have? FIX THE MM, BALANCE the tanks you have!

  3. Max_Von_Trapp says:

    Polish tree in this form is _NOT_ what Polish players want. Polish community put much efforts in digging archives. Found some quite interesting possibilities. Passed all to WG and… all went as expected – all info thrown in garbage bin. And what we have it 7TP tank without its turret and without its gun for example. And 4TP on tier I is like putting current PzII there. And… list goes on. Every nation wants its branch – but I do not think anyone sane can seriously wish for abomination like this. So as a Pole I will boycott this tree for sure.

      1. Here you can check polish thread on official forum. It’s in polish, but you can check the photos.


        In conclusion: the tree should begin with different tank, 4TP should be tier 2, tiers 5,6 and 7 are not bad (both 40TP and 45TP are based on an existing project 25TP), but the rest… Fans wanted tanks that were used by polish army, like t-34/85, t-54, t-55, and not fantasy tanks.

      2. Anonymous says:

        If the lower tiers pissed him off this much then I don’t want to see his rage at the high ones

  4. I’m sorry, but that Polish community tree suggestion is pretty lame. Full of T-34-85, T-44, T-54, T-55 which are copies from the Russian tree. WG did a good job putting in unique vehicles.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Honestly, I agree. They wanted to make them (somewhat) unique in terms of what the vehicles are (which they explained in their somewhat recent videos), and they definately delivered. It isn’t a “Polish-used” tree as much as it is now a proper Polish tree, even if the tanks in it aren’t exactly… based on reality (it was already explained that VIII-X were more or less based on Word of Mouth). Still, its alot more unique than a third tech tree T-34/T-34-85/T-54

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