Update 9.15.1 Feedback thread: EU/NA


The EU and NA servers have made threads available on their forums for you to type your opinions in so they can gather feedback.

I’ve played 9.15.1 and honestly, I’m not very satisfied. The game feels almost like the graphical settings reversed into 8.0 patches, especially when it comes to the mini-maps. I’m usually okay with changes but the game right now looks washed out, it doesn’t feel right at all.

Also, mini-map dimensions are really retarded right now.

Note: I did checked the SEA forum but they still only have the old feedback gathering for previous patch.

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Update 9.15.1 Feedback thread: EU/NA

78 thoughts on “Update 9.15.1 Feedback thread: EU/NA

  1. Well, the new garage runs much smoother for me. When changing filters in the old one I had to wait several seconds with each click, but now it seems to respond almost instantly.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      Im very disapponted i quit wot since the biest and the size change to the fv304 so sorry rita but fuck wargamimg im dome i just uninstalled it. They ruined the only fun factor i had.. and the e25 gos without competition hell the su26 has no room for five crew as dose the su-5 if wg undos the fv304size change ill comeback., im done though so bye rita will be the last time you see me here.

      1. James says:

        If you are that bent out of shape bout a size change of 1 arty we can only imagine what you will say when they rebalance arty.
        We all know arty in its current form is broken as fuck

      2. If you’re getting shot at in your Bert, you’re doing it wrong in the first place… What does it matter that the thing is getting bigger anyway ? The CGC is a damn barn and that doesn’t prevent it from “balancing” a full health IS-7 camping hard at 35 kph in the front lines.

      3. That is a lot of text without almost any punctuation at all.

        And no offense, but of all the shortcomings WoT has, it’s the size of the FV304 that drove you away?

      4. Anonymous says:

        Sorry, you are not going to get much sympathy from those who actually enjoy playing tanks, rather than just headbutting the mouse button.


      5. pusikuracklikeru says:

        Oh noes one more clicker is gone,let’s all cry,who cares just go and don’t comeback ๐Ÿ™‚

      6. DZ says:

        You said good-bye yesterday.. now ur just looking for attention. nobody cares, you wont be missed. and whining over an arty getting bigger is lame as hell.

      7. vladoku says:

        aren’t you that guy who was flaming about AW how you was going to play it and WoT is dead? you are completly confused, there are people who want to have normal discussion about this games so please be that kind and don’t spoil the talk around here, nobody cares about your meaningless posts and on top of that, maily Rita totally don’t give a F* about what you say about anytihing (GFY with FV304) P.S.: work on your english if you are young one (if you aren’t young one, god help you IRL)

    1. Anonymous says:

      This has been mentioned on the forums. WoT doesn’t support 4k resolution, you have to drop it to 1920 x 1080 and it should be fixed

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Im very disapponted i quit wot since the biest and the size change to the fv304 so sorry rita but fuck wargamimg im dome i just uninstalled it. They ruined the only fun factor i had.. and the e25 gos without competition hell the su26 has no room for five crew as dose the su-5 if wg undos the fv304size change ill comeback., im done though so bye rita will be the last time you see me here.

      2. SEA_survivor says:

        With SEA server, always assume the worst (ie patch a week after other servers, event news appearing on same day as event starts, “specials” not being as advertised) and you’ll still appear optimistic.

        Actually, the same goes for the average “skill” of the majority of the player base as well.

  2. All looks good to me. The Minimap looks a little bigger – in fact it’s the size I kept it at using XVM!

    Other than that, everything works as before, but smoother…

  3. Thag O'Mizer says:

    My only moan is that the 30s countdown at the start of the match starts at zero, and stays at zero for 30s. (I have had a couple of 999 pings, but that could be my broadband). If my biggest complaint is a broken countdown, then I really don’t have much to complain about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Anonymous says:

        I also have the broken countdown, but that could be down to mods. Also…the minimaps. I find that the new maps look retarded, but I could live with that if not for the icon size change. Another problem is the new pinging. I don’t know why they’ve done what they did, but this is terrible. In SH you can barely follow orders, because of the minimap ping contradictions. And last of all, why change the font of the sniper mode zoom text?

  4. VladCelTroll says:

    So far I like the update… besides one thing. The new minimaps. (Alert: caps lock incoming)
    WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN THE FREAKIN’ MINIMAP? Even my manly ass looks better than the minimaps they’ve introduced now..

  5. Vlad says:

    As Rita have said, minimaps are looking so damn older now. What were they thinking?

    And yes, the death radio (when ally is destroyed) is just too annoying.

    Last but not least, XVM is shite, until the new update I guess.

  6. 1. What the fock it with those icons on the minimap? Elephants? pls reduce size…
    2. Countdown allways starts at 27 for me… ( rocket PC )
    3. That Batchat 25t AP looks like a dumpster ( 13 90 with batchat turret )
    4. WG focked up my mods just to add batchat and ruin minimap? meh..
    5. FV 304 size ( i dont care )
    6. HD models ( couldnt care less, FIX the mm, FIX arta, FIX tards with 200 wn8 reaching tier 10 )


      1. nocomment says:

        ? not sure what you are commenting on.
        no bad players should be able to progress as far as they like however the mm’ker should take into account they are bad players….

      2. JohnJr_1 says:

        Low skilled players should be able to progress. Heck if those like Robert Rai are so worried about a low WN8, then they should push for a skill based MM system. If the WN8 of a player can be calculated for MM, then do it. I think it would be good to give those less skilled players an arena for themselves. The higher skilled players then can have at it.

      3. @Xavier: if you play a T-34-2 stock ( 126 pen ), should you get tier 10 games? *wink*
        We dont need XVM to tell us how bad a player is, we have performance score, it should be a mm based on PS too.
        @JhonjR_1: its my opinion mad, y u heff to be mad? i bet, for you it OK when a top tier tenk ( E5 ) deals 800 dmg, because its focking red and brainless bot… this game is for me and some of this guys a way to relax after a long day, and how can i relax when after 2 min the score is 1-5? and top tier bots are allready dead? I`m not unicum but i allways do my HP dmg. if you cant a bran from inside out, you shouldnt play tier8+. Thats my opionion.

  7. Honcho says:

    The minimap is indeed aweful and the radio sound when allies die is annoying. I like the new HD models and if I was to ask WG for something in the next patch it would be more HD models, bigger maps and a chinese TD line. (One can dream)

  8. zombietropa says:

    The only two probs I’ve had with the patch so far:
    1) Why does the text on the Mini-map scale with the map, makes it near unusable
    2) The death radio noise, while sort of useful, gets annoying pretty quickly.

  9. geehinyami says:

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining. I love the new stuff, besides some minor bugs like countdown starting from 00. The death radio noise is not even remotely annoying.

  10. Daxter says:

    The actual map part of the minimap is much improved imo but the tank info text is bordering to yuuuge. Annoying and cluttery.

  11. GrimmReaperBG says:

    I still can’t find a reason why WC refuses to implement the most used mods in its client. It’s not like they don’t have the info which mods and how much are they used on the servers. This is way beyond lazyness, it’s more like pure idiocity!

  12. HarperLewis says:

    What exactly do you mean with “washed out”? Heard that one before by my buddy, but can’t see what is meant.

    1. Imagine you have a nice bright coloured shirt and you put it in the wahs machine and it comes out looking sad and cheap, not so bright anymore and with rugged bits. That’s what washed out means.

      1. HarperLewis says:

        ๐Ÿ™‚ I was refering to the patch and what in particular you see as washed out in WoT as I do not have the same experience. Maybe this is an SD client issue or something as my buddy is saying likewise, concerning the washed out look.

  13. Steve SEA says:

    Rita, per normal SEA does not even have the new patch yet. I’m sure we will be one to two weeks late like every other patch. as for feed back, the monkey that runs SEA dose not really like to get feedback. ๐Ÿ™

    1. DZ says:

      the current testers area joke.. all they do is go into battle and basically play the game with no regards to what they are actually required to help figure out.. its pathetic.

  14. I hate the mini map, it looks so bland. I use it as most people should but really hate looking at it. I get lag now and game loads slower ( my pc is very top end and tweaked). Near all mods are broken, the mods are what make WoT worth playing. WG is killing this game, rather than changing the game engine they should give map but it seems no one in WG has any brains to make the game better and keep forcing worthless crap on the players. Version I gave a 80% rating but 9.15.1 gets a 20% as a has been game.

  15. cyber_pagan says:

    I agree with the graphics comments. The new look just looks and feels like an old game now. Everything looks worse than it did, less realistic. And what did they do to my Bert! I HATE HATE HATE the new Bert look. It FREAKIN HUGE! I can’t hide behind any of the stuff I used to. It was almost unplayable as anything but a camping arty with no range. Forget actually moving into useful close support positions, you get seen now everytime.

  16. cyber_pagan says:

    Also XVM no longer works, but I assume it will eventually. I’m just surprised Wargaming broke the most significant mod to the game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually XVM would work to a certain degree in the right version folder, as proven by QuickyBaby (and others) already creating their ModPacks. I’ll just wait for the full version.

  17. I can’t even play after this patch!!
    I have no mods, all my drivers are updated, I even re- installed the game but it won’t launch… can somebody help me ?
    I also sent a ticket but it’s taking ages…

  18. Look at those people above who are still complaining about broken mod when WG have announced that the Action Script upgade WILL broke mods, many times before. Yay for no XVM sniping and win chance whining until it’s fixed.

    As for the patch itself, since I’m a SEA plebians I can’t give any feedback obviously.

  19. drichardb says:

    I play on a 32″ screen at 2560×1440 with the minimap at full size. Due to the icons scaling with the size of the map it becomes useless at max size due to icons overlapping and you can’t place the exact position of a tank. Funny how the rest of the interface remains the same size at different resolutions yet blow up the minimap and its like your looking at it under a magnifying glass?!

  20. Being in the SEA area, we’re used to being ignored, told everything late, not included, or generally left to wither on the vine.

    On the good side, we’re all looking forward to seeing what colour TV looks like (soon!) as we understand it is amazing, and then seeing what WoT plays like as soon as they release a version that doesn’t require us to use “character mode” on our VDU’s. Again, I’m told that “colour graphics” are simply amazing, some of them even have up too 16 different colours on a single screen at the same time.

    We can’t wait to see this wonder of the ages, live and in front of us!

  21. you guys all are still playing this mess of a shitty game?

    amazing! your either bored kids or non working too much time on your hands, if you all had a actual life you would see how utter shit this game WOT really is now since from the 2014 to now fucked up retarded unless patch updates

    you know I’m right

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      As a pre-med student studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, I really don’t have much of a life. The path to being a physician in the US is very long (and tough) and reserved for those who are willing to give up their lives now for much better ones in the future. So yeah, I don’t have a life and I know how much WG has screwed up but I still manage to have a (relatively) good time playing.

  22. I have been checking xvm and my favorite mod page a few time a day for a updated mod packs, the few running are using broken xvm thanks to fuking WG and the entry level devs changing the game. One thing for sure is WG will never change any fukup that poops out as a update unless it cost them money and that is a call for a panic update like the selling of rentals that was fixed over night. I really wish someone would clone WoT and give people that like the game a place to go. I played AW as a early access and after its release but couldn’t get into it. Lot of people love AW and that’s fine but it never did it for me. I’m a sand box tester as well and see the path WG wants to go, its not pretty and reminds me of a cheap dollar android app game. Back to the topic…. This last update drags the Very dissatisfied vote to 1 for me as WG likes to use on surveys. And WG if your reading this you have a building full of morons!

  23. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    I have to say I’m overall pleased with this update. While the minimaps look like WG grabbed a bottle of Chlorox bleach and poured it all over, I am very happy. My laptop is no way a gaming oneโ€”of which I think are a complete waste of moneyโ€”but for the first time in years I’m maintaining 80+ fps on minimum.

  24. Etre says:

    The only issue is with the icons on the minimap, which are too big. In rest the new minimaps are fine. More clear, conveying more info , like what buildings are destructible and whuch mot, what terrain is passable, bushes more precisely located.

    “Washed out” ….. pfff.

  25. Winterx says:

    Not sure why I download and set up the HD content if I get such a bland gfx as a result. The minimap… beh… will probably go with Locastan’s again and see if I can implement some new features rather than sticking to the newly “improved” rubber map by WG.

    The rest is ok with me.

  26. Jack Kenyon says:

    Glad that the washed out nature isn’t just my new PC. Recently upgraded and thought the lighting was actually painful to look at.
    Also can we get some feedback on the HD T57 heavy? I think it’s now horribly overpowered as the new armour scheme appears to be bouncing almost all standard rounds from the mediums at most ranges. With the retarded fast clip reload it’s become a common sight in 9.15.1 to see T57 heavies Killing half a team.

  27. 2 things bother me about the new update.

    1: When my tracks get blown off and are repaired (without using repair kit) it takes a few (milli)seconds before I can drive off (again) into cover. Before the update, as soon as the tracks were up I could move. It seems ages now.

    2. By pressing the ALT-key I could see how much HP the enemy tanks have left, now it’s gone or I have to change something in settings. Maybe it’s a mod thing but I don’t know.

    All in all, not much difference but any update with (minor) improvements is an update. I only play on weekends nowadays so won’t see too much.

  28. The_Right_Arm says:

    Here’s some feedback I have if it helps at all. I play on NA:

    1) The size of the tank icons on the minimap U.S. ridiculously big, even with the redrawn maps. I’ve noticed I’m not the only one with this problem.
    2) The update has broken the platoon system in an unusual way. I can still platoon no problem, but even with pre-created platoons, in every battle it notifies me that we created a platoon. In playing today alone, it happened to me and a friend 4 times in one battle. No clue what caused it, maybe something to do with that action script crap they played with.

    And something they did right, the HD models that were updated to bring up to snuff with the current standard, i.e. the hellcat and the M103, look sexy as all hell.

    All I can really think of. Any other issues are ones that existed for a while and most people have just accepted that wargaming will never fix, such as the unspoken rule that whichever team has the most high tier mediums wins.

  29. The_Right_Arm says:

    Actually, remembered 4 more things bugging me.
    1) I think they updated the sounds again, as the big hits that take out a large chunk of your health produce a ringing sound when hit. I hate it. It’s distracting and irritating.
    2) The statements above also apply to the radio static played when an ally does.
    3) Whenever your crew repairs a module, it is now taking longer than usual to actually get it working. Once the bar fills up, there is nearly a second, sometimes more, delay before the track or another module is back up, which can be critical.
    4) Sometimes the reload sounds get out of sync with the actual reload. I have had this happen in several occasions with my ST-I especially. I’ll hear the shell sliding into the breach and think I’m about to be reloaded, I’ll click, it won’t fire, then I’ll realize I have another 2 seconds before I can actually fire. Modules and crew don’t have anything to do with it, has happened at full hp too.

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