Update 9.17 Release Date

Good day everyone,

As reported by Russian sources and various chatter throught the test servers, Update 9.17 is set for its December 13th release date, if all goes as planned.


Last update to the 9.17 Test Server

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Update 9.17 Release Date

24 thoughts on “Update 9.17 Release Date

  1. kinda hope they delay it, at least delay the top tier TDs, until they figure out how to deal with the overmatch. Personally want them to reconsider the armor of the tier 8-10 HT as well their guns. Currently feel the Kranvagn’s armor is too good

    1. nowing SEA we’re looking a 1-2 weeks later so somewhere between the 20th and the 27th… But in all seriousness, we may actually get this patch on time considering how SEA are actually getting the advent calendar (despite being 16hrs into the day) and the black edition tanks (despite the hate) out at the same time as the other servers

  2. Anonymous says:

    So many have been complaining about armor being useless and whanted wg to fix this. Now we get a tank with effective frontal armor and there is so many haters. Really don’t get it, whats so wrong with using HE ????

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    KRV tank has been overnerfed and its gun sucks now. Mobility and hull armor were enough. It’s worse than both 50B and T57just because of that. Having an unpennable turret is all good and fun but if you cant do dmg you wont be rewarded, and on maps with no hulldown positions or whenever arty is in play, you’re the most useless shit available and more of a handicap to your team…

    And toptier TDs wont work as planned as long as current overmatch exists. DPM is somewhat similar to other TDs, except other TDs have either huge alpha or smaller caliber with huge armor (263). Strv has none its just a damn E25 at tier X except with less mobility, and tier for tier the dpm isnt as significant.

    I hope they delay this patch. At least until they make KRV and Strv fun tanks to drive and not just unusual tanks that look interesting but suck compared to others. Right now half the promised content isnt here (overmatch mechanic was a huge thing), and the other half doesnt work correctly. And there isnt even that many new HD vehicles compared to some other patches.
    Rather wait one or two weeks more and get interesting tanks than have them quickly and badly done. I mean they realized that a huge part of the patch didnt worm but instead of delaying everything they just removed it and kept the update for december 13th. They dont care how good the patch is, they’ll release it THAT day and then get back to premium tank production.

    1. the gun was overnerfed because the armor was overbuffed well beyond historical values, not VK45.02b overbuffed but turret armor is still 55mm thicker then historically documented but it does mean the effective armor goes from 240mm to 312mm… and that’s before you start using gun depression which would give the historical 170mm of turret armor the effectiveness of 320mm which would be more then enough.

      I agree that the patch should be delayed. The top tiers are not in a good place and need more work

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Soviet Russia style. Instead of fixing the problem let’s shut the mouth of people that point it out.
        See comrade? No one complains about arty and gold ammo anymore! Da, da, very good.

    1. You post that a lot, you are literally the first person I have seen that cares about allchat.
      If nothing else, it makes people shut up and think about what they were about to say.

      I very much doubt you used it to constantly congratulate the enemy team on how well they played.

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        You make it sound like WG hasn’t done anythint wrong and we deserve censorship because we’re little whining bitches. Sorry kiddo but the reality is WG probably one of the worst developing companies. I’ve seen fast-food managers work harder than these guys! The truth is if WG actually listened to us, we’d be more willing to listen back and spend more money. This is a common principle that people forget because of their petty greed. Unfortunately, Belarus was one of the biggest followers of the USSR so, culturally, they don’t understand autonomy and respect. Culture shapes who we are and we shape what our culture is.

      1. BDNeon says:

        Oh wow, some twat who is too cowardly to even provide a screen name lest he be identified won’t miss me. Oh shit. I am so upset by that. Woe is me.

  4. echo says:

    …the sooner the better, i just want to ulnock both swedish top tier ASAP (i donk care how good/bad they are). Overmatch or not, RNG@MM will f* u in the face anyway…

  5. party1c says:

    so they are going to release a major update and introducing a new nation on the last day of the biggest campain this year? well…

    sometimes i really wonder if there is any communication between the departments of wg and how come that half of the people working there seemingly doesnt have a clou about whats going on in the game…

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