Update 9.22 Preview-USSR Tree Revision

From WoT Portal: Update 9.22 will take on the nation’s least played tanks, revitalizing them through an injection of new vehicles, structural re-shuffles, and several come-backs.

First, a quick refresher as to why this is happening. The SU-100M1 and its peers are rarely seen on battlefields, just like Soviet rear-turreted mediums. Blame it on the rather complex play style, the drastic changes in gameplay from tier to tier, or the combination of these two, it doesn’t change the fact. Few would unlock them, and even fewer would play them. This round of Tech Tree revisions is designed to make them relevant again by giving each line a consistent structure and pronounced gameplay narrative. On top of that, the update offers a fresh take on HT gameplay with new rear-turreted vehicles at Tiers VIII–X.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’d like to change, how, and why, to ensure we’re all on the same page when testing begins.

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Medium Tanks

The A-44 line taught you little about the tank that you will be playing at Tier X. Having mastered the ins and outs of rear-turreted mediums at Tiers VII–IX, one would naturally expect similar gameplay at the top. But instead, you were treated to a classic close-range MT, which caused a lot of frustration and seriously undermined the line’s popularity. It was quite a bumpy ride, so it’s not surprising only a few people wanted to go down this line.

What could possibly convince you to give it a second chance? Perhaps, giving it the very thing it lacked in the first place: consistency. Update 9.22 does it by moving the Object 430 down to Tier IX, where it forms a mini-line of well-armored assault MTs with high alpha.

Debuting at Tier X is a completely new tank: the Object 430U.

Being a smaller target with decent mobility and quite the angled armor, this newcomer can easily flank an opponent, take them out with its impressive alpha, and move on to the next one unscathed.

Объект 430У = Object 430U  Reported on here.


The rear-turreted trio will eventually get a new Tier X, too. It will continue the line’s legacy of tough turret armor, offering gameplay that feels like a natural progression from the Object 430 Variant II.

New Heavy Tank Line

For quite some time, Brits and Germans were the only nations to treat you to Tier X HTs with rear-mounted turrets. Some enjoyed them, others would rather go with a more conventional option instead, but few would argue that the FV 215b, Pz.Kpfw. VII, and the Global Maps darling VK 72.01 (K) were dull. This bunch welcomes a very Soviet reinforcement in Update 9.22, introducing a fresh take on the classic IS design at Tiers VIII–X (straight up from the IS).

Pointing their pike noses towards enemies, the IS-M, Object 705, and Object 705A sport the nation’s trademark alpha, partially offset by aiming parameters. But that’s not the case in point. The rear turret placement is. Combined with tough armor, solid-for-their-class mobility, and powerful guns, it lets them push around other tanks, no sweat.

ИС-М = IS-M  Reported Here,
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