Update 9.22: Second Common Test

As we have already posted the info on the first Iteration so only the changes for the second part will be posted here.

Object 705 stock turret fixed. Yeay. First test left Second test right.

List of Changes in Round 2

Improvements to Ranked Battles UI

  • Revised the Leaderboard interface for the Ranked Battle mode.

Changed the text and size of the purchase confirmation button in the Exterior menu

  • When purchasing customization elements, the Purchase and Exit text will be displayed to players. If a player does not make a purchase but only changes a customization element (elements), the Apply and Exit text will be displayed.

Other changes

  • With the release of Update 9.22, the FCM 50 t will be removed from the in-game store.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue of the sound failures
  • Fixed the issue of applying customization elements to the Object 705А


Changes to the technical characteristics

U.S.S.R. vehicles:

  • Object 705A
    • Changed penetration of the UBK551O shell for the 152 mm M-51 gun from 310 mm to 317 mm
  • Object 257
    • Changed penetration of the BP-471BM shell for the 122 mm BL-13-1 A gun from 340 mm to 315 mm
    • Decreased the side armour
  • Object 705
    • Added the final model of the standard turret
    • Increased dispersion on turret traverse by 25%
    • Changed penetration of the BP-471BM shell for the 122 mm BL-13-1 A gun from 340 mm to 315 mm
  • Object 430
    • Changed penetration of the BP-471BM shell for the 122 mm D-25TSU gun from 248 mm to 270 mm
  • Object 705А
    • Insignificantly improved the frontal hull armouring
  • Object 268 Version 4
    • Insignificantly improved the frontal hull armouring


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Update 9.22: Second Common Test

17 thoughts on “Update 9.22: Second Common Test

  1. banjoman150 says:

    “insignificantly improved the frontal hull armoring” … So the all around 300mm turret wasnt a mistace but giving all those vehicles anything below 300 was. Remember how the E100 is supposed to be well armored? Oh and remember how the Type 5 got buffed to help it against premiumrounds but for some reason that never was considered for the E100…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Dude,you speak straight from my heart…….E100 is probably one of,if not the most ignored and powercreeped super heavys in this game.Armor that does well against regular rounds,but is irrelevant in the current gold meta.You cant push in a E100 because you will get shit on by the gold spamm,and if you try to play it as a TD,you will either get reported from your team because “you are an idiot in a camping heavy”,or be useless to your team because enemys will just flank.
      A gun which is so horrible,that you cant reliably hit weakspots without having to aim fully in,and we all know what happens to the turret cheeks of an E100 while it aims in…….in the meantime,WG releases or buffs Heavys or Superheavys which have a certain degree of immunity vs gold rounds and can still perform in current gold-spamm meta(Maus,Type 5,Pz 7,IS7,now Obj 705a)…..they even dared to justify the recent Maus nerfs as a need to” keep a little spotlight on the E100″…. More like a little candle over its grave i would say…….

  2. Infernal969 says:

    “With the release of Update 9.22, the FCM 50 t will be removed from the in-game store.”

    The point being…

    Except money of course.

      1. Partybooper says:

        That’s why they put the Type 59 in the Christmas lootboxes and stuff like the E 25 in the advent calendar…

        Because, if those tanks are not available throughout the entire year, more people will buy them when they are available for such a limited time only, because they fear they might miss something if they don’t buy them when the chance is there.

        Clever, actually.

  3. Batman says:

    I dont understand how they can keep the Object 268 version 4’s DPM how it is. Its crazy low at only 2300. Its fast and has some armor, but it is worse than all other TDs at the rest. I am sad that WG chose to ruin this line… Object 263 had both armor, speed, dpm and accuracy…

    1. Anonymous says:

      We have to protest. I’m surprised after he shit storm the Russians cause they are still considering this as a logical course of action. They are fucking retarded

    2. Best armour of any tier 10 td. Including badger.
      Completely invincible to standard rounds frontally from anything it faces. Immune to most gold round on its mid plate and casement. Over half the tanks it meets will need gold just to pen it’s view port ‘weakspot’.

      Insane mobility combined with that armour. Extremely fast accelerations and top speed. Insane ramming potential. If you ram a Maus side at full speed you only take 800 and he takes 600. If you ram an E50M head on he takes 1200 and you take 600.

      Much smaller size than something like JgE100 As well as better amour and mobilutt. Which is an actual fucking joke.

      It better have an average or below average gun considering the rest of the tank shots on td in the game. The biggest joke is that the Grille 15 piece of shit somehow is the same tier as it.

      1. BabePlzDontReportMeASIA says:

        Are you blind or something?
        Is the “armor” really matter when you need to get into the face of your enemies because of your shitty gun?
        At 50m range your 250mm viewport will get gold spammed fucking easily. As well as your “extremely angled” upper hull armor is only 100mm will get HEAT spammed from any range.
        I agree that tank has a good armor, but is it really matter when I can pen it 7/10 times I shoot it? Just like the “extremely well-armored” Maus in close combat.
        Look at the turn speed of 268v4 and say something. 23 degree per second, hello? Well-armored again, to do what when you will get out-turned by almost everything and WG say they want us to “brawl” in that thing. You’re force to brawl in a thing which brawling potential is really poor due to it’s traverse speed and it’s gun, a fucking horrible gun except from penetration. Oh well, it’s a tier 10 TD gun, what a joke.

      2. Batman says:

        As much as I agree with you in terms of armor, I still think this tank needs to be tuned. There is too much focus on armor these days… The armor is ridiculous, and I would any day trade some armor against better gun stats. The Grille in itself used to be very competitive with the dpm it had, but obviously it got nerfed. It looks like most tanks will get buffed with more armor and that in the future its impossible to play without gold rounds. To be honest, the 263 line is not ruined for me. The whole aggressive playstyle with a fast and accurate TD with good dpm was the whole thing that made it special. Wargaming said they listened to the complaints the community had, but only delayed the crap they initially had planned for the line. Its a shame.

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