Update 9.22

The Review/Introduction video. Enjoy.

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Update 9.22

8 thoughts on “Update 9.22

    1. wanderer says:

      same here. expect.. I had done it from the T54 ltwt. I mean LTTB now.. never the less, less grinding! yay for me! I mean us!

  1. Well at least I see why they change the Obj263 line now.

    (They did not explain that clearly till now unless I didn’t see it in previous posts.)

    Guess I’ll just get Badger for DPM.

  2. Robopon says:

    If you want a good review of 9.22 you should listen to our favourite Baboon King. “This update is ridiculous”, “Do they even have supertesters?”and “What the fuck are they thinking?” summarizes it pretty well.

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