Update: Black Edition Tanks


Tankers last week Wargaming introduced Black Edition Tanks.

The first was the T34 B. It was sold in 2 bundles , “Ultimate”at €59.99 and “Supreme” at €99.99 packages. This ment if you had the standard T34 you were buying the same Tank again just to get a skin and the extras. So after the negative feedback they received Wargaming have decided on a “refund” of sorts.

From Wargaming.

 We will introduce the T34 B for an additional week in a “tank only” version starting tomorrow! Owners of the original tanks will be eligible for a 50% discount on the “Back in Black” versions of the same vehicles during this December’s “Back in Black” offers. This discount will be applicable to the tank itself – so this affects the price of future “Tank only”, “Ultimate” and “Supreme” packages.

For everyone who purchased a T34 B Ultimate or T34 B Supreme package and owns a T34, we will be crediting 50% of the tank’s Gold value (6,000) to your account over the weekend.

Thank you very much for your honest and constructive feedback on this topic, and please accept my personal apology for this event. Please continue to share your opinions with us.

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