Update: Pearl River changes and new Screenshots (Minimap Gifs)


Pearl River, a map that many enjoyed but was removed because according to Wargaming it was  “too linear and maze-y” is making its comeback.

I created this gift with the Old and New minimap screenshots for you to compare more easily what they changed:


• The flanks for the medium tanks were reworked as they were, as said above, too linear and maze-y. That was one of the main points for criticism.
• A safe passage has been added for the team starting from the lower base. Now it roughly corresponds to the upper base passage. Before, there were two approaches from the upper base, but only one from the lower base.


These are the official screenshots given by WG on the Pearl River map:


What do you think? I personally can only think of why Pearl River was removed but then maps like Mines was allowed years on end as an “acceptable” High Tier fighting stage.

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Update: Pearl River changes and new Screenshots (Minimap Gifs)

3 thoughts on “Update: Pearl River changes and new Screenshots (Minimap Gifs)

  1. Grasho says:

    But the fact it was “maze-y” was part of the map’s appeal. It gave you options and made you think. The enemy could come at you from multiple directions, and you could work your way unseen around snipers. It wasn’t a three-corridor map.

    1. Zocker says:

      I liked that map too, as it was, but sadly it kinda looks like, they turn this into another three corridor map,

      Why do they even bother redoing a perfectly well map, if they just want to turn it into just another 3-corridor-map. At some point they are just going to design new skins for the Maps they have, and then you are just going to have abbey in ten different flavours

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