Update: Pearl River changes Free camera video

Welcome to the Supertest the latest version of Pearl River map!

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Update: Pearl River changes Free camera video

8 thoughts on “Update: Pearl River changes Free camera video

  1. Anonymous says:

    As long as they still have multiple narrow paths in the mountain, I’ll be happy. I just want to be able to play a single match in a heavy tank where I can duke it out without getting absolutely destroyed by the arty. It’s like no matter where I am in the game, I’m getting pelted with arty shells. I could even be under cover or against a tall mountain and somehow they get the angle to hit me.

    1. NoComment says:

      Looks like the bulldozers have been in there too leveling off all those inconvieniant >5 degree slopes. Still it does look pretty and It cannot be any worse than Paris.

  2. Agent Orange by the truckload was dropped in the middle of the Map looks like! Pearl River has been ‘nerfed’ here badly so many Trees and Bushes removed.

    A Heavy Tank VERY friendly Map looks it now looks like (typical F**k Wargame base entire game around press ‘W’ only players jeez

    TD’s are going to suffer very Badly here now (really? WG vodka mush for brains say

    Every Single dam time WG Dev’s fix or improve this Map it gets far worse than before, I bet any money most battles are finished within 5 mins at most, with Top Tier HT’s having all the fun (well maybe Arty shooting up those OP armour HT’s (hopefully

    So many dam Corridors may as well now call it “Corridor River”

    Wargame & Map design = epic disasters, Corridor, Corridor, remove most Trees Bushes until only 30% remains (da Comrade you like!

    Wargame must really hate there long term 3+ year regular players all I can say

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