Update Review 9.18 – World of Tanks PC

Some more of the WG Hype.

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Update Review 9.18 – World of Tanks PC

22 thoughts on “Update Review 9.18 – World of Tanks PC

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    The only hype right now is about NA players spamming WG as hard as possible about how the patch sucks, this way it gets cancelled for other servers.

    Counting on you guys, you’re taking a bullet for the everyone else but it may be worth it

    1. You should start a petition to rally people that agree with you.

      Personally, I rather enjoy the patch, team work is stronger than ever so a lot of learning and forgetting old habits to be done to adjust. Hopefully you’ll see that the majority of people that are keeping quiet are rather alright with the patch with digression to a few tweaks here and there for every patch.

      1. Ulric says:

        Obvious shill is obvious. Maybe stop blindly defending WG and take a look at the actual effects of these changes, instead of inventing contrived circumstances to justify it.

        I have also independently experienced many of the exact same things that people complain about with the new MM, platooning, and arty changes. If you want to ignore negative feedback simply because it doesn’t fit your narrative, you should probably reevaluate your life.

      2. My apologies Ulric, I was never raised to indulge in stereotypes. Sides are gray and wargaming does not need small fries like me to defend it. I understand you mean well, I hope to not offend you in any way. I have had my history of attacking wargaming in a similar manner such as for some problems like power creep, premium ammunition, historical, and so forth. It’s impossible to keep track of everything anyone might say without something like the NSA so I place no fault on you for your accusations.

        That said, those are my opinions on far more important priorities, I won’t stop you if you believe I am wrong, I only requested Speedy wrote about it in a place/format that wargaming might actually see his voice. It saves me the trouble of reading so much redundant material.

        Out of curiosity, what problems with MM, platooning, and arty changes have you experienced? MM no longer puts players in matches where they must fight 14 tanks two tiers higher than them, td’s are balanced each side, no more 10 arty games, the annoyance of being focus fired by indirect fire has been decreased, and artillery is more focused on team play rather than hunting. Less instant kills, etc. These are positive statements, not normative mind you, I could walk you through their logic of deduction but you seem sharper than Speedy.

        The complaints with MM as I have heard so far is that it does not stroke people’s dicks and put them top tier every other game and it isn’t an improvement over the old MM. This is a lie, MM certainly is not perfect but it is a definite step in the right direction. It was never intended to be a masturbation machine. If platooning is not working because players can no longer drag tanks 3-5 tiers lower into a tier 10 game and this destroys the culture of trolling, I could understand some outrage. If artillery can no longer kill tanks or do damage, this is an absolute lie. Since I have been playing artillery on the live server, my average damage and kill ratio has not fluctuated. In fact, my assistance damage has increased. Granted, I have only played roughly 25 artillery for testing so far. There is room for error and you would be right that I should have done more in the 36 hours since the patch’s release.

        Ulric, I operate on facts, if you will only provide normative statements instead of positive statements without backing, what am I supposed to believe against my own numbers? This is not ignoring feedback, this is answering it in earnest to understand and help you achieve what you want. If you can stand up against me, I am confident that you have a solid point and will direct the game toward your vision.

        Sorry if this was annoyingly long to read, I did not wish you to think that I was acting blindly or stubbornly 🙂 I should have left enough holes here and there anyways so I welcome an education.

      1. PzBarkhorn says:

        Arty doesnt one-shot anymore, and that is ok for me when playing arty. On the other hand, better accuracy and faster reload allows for more damage done. And yes, i got a bombardier medal yesterday (killed 2 foes with one shot).

        In overall, i liked the new patch. 8/10.

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    Heyyy, We want to Arty to play more for the team….so we dissabled its ability to enter a platoon! YAAAAY….FUN!

    1. Platoons aren’t the team, there’s a fine line between playing for the majority and the minority but that is besides the point.

      A platoon of non indirect fire tanks cannot counter a platoon of indirect fire tanks designed to stop coordinated pushes with stun and splash. To support the majority of players being shit on, the problematic situation stemming from a minority player base had to be optimized so artillery can still be played but without such an abusive power.

      1. Ion7 says:

        From NA, I have been playing my t49 and getting the same results shown above. While the number of lights and others per team map be the same, you are stuck with results like this. I like the idea of lights to tier 10, but as they are they aren’t balanced too well. I get that to have a perfect result in mm you would need a much larger player base (Not NA), but the top 3 tanks at least should be of similar type. As for arty, I don’t quite have an opinion yet. However, they should be able to platoon just like everything else.

      2. The results in that situation can be in the T49’s favor. You need only spot the enemy heavies for artillery to stun/wittle them down. The AMX 50 120 has paper armor and can be penetrated with HEAT rounds doing 700 damage per shot. The Emil II has low dpm and a paper hull. It needs to stay on ridgelines making it an easy target for artillery against its paper roof armor or if it leaves any ridgelines, it is extremely vulnerable to tier 8 and even 7 tanks. It all comes down to strategy and tactics.

    1. wremisekrummels says:

      of course it doesnt work. WG has the policy to get the waitingtime as short as possible. with only 100 people in the quene you cant make it for everyone possible to have a good MM. And waiting 5 more sec is impossible, it would crash the mighty WG servers.

      1. The MM does work, the implementation was not to let everyone be top tier every other game but to stop bottom tier tanks from fighting 14 tanks two tiers higher. At least now, no matter what game you go in, at least half of the enemy tanks will be your tier or lower so as to give you a fair chance at having an impact. It is not for anyone’s amusement but to stop frustration of feeling insignificant. So many people feel entitled to be top tier every other game and it is really frustrating that people don’t understand the new MM was to solve problems, not stroke people’s dicks.

    2. SpottableSky says:

      Remember that WG said that this new MM doesn’t mean they aren’t going to continue working on it, so that’s in the live servers they will continue working on refining it even further according to feedback from the live servers.

      1. skivster says:

        Remember when they said that the light tanks and arty, and especially arty will be playable again?
        Yeah, guess again

  3. Paglia says:

    So far, not impressed my the new MM.

    Yes, you have more tanks of your size to shoot at… this said, it’s still balancing tanks and not skills… so instead of having 5+ tards in my team in different tank’s tier size… I have 5+ tards in almost all the same tier size…

    … a big improvement !


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