Update Review: Update 1.2

The Preview/Promotional video from World of Tanksof Patch 1.2.

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Update Review: Update 1.2

6 thoughts on “Update Review: Update 1.2

  1. Bot-Gaming says:

    PR my ass.
    Played 6 games yesterday
    – 3x T8 = 3x T10 matches
    – 3x T5 = 2,x arties / game

    It´s not fun to play T4 or smaller
    It´s not fun to play t5-7 because of arty spam / t6,7 scouts
    It´s not fun to play t8 because of mm
    Besides it´s not fun to play CW since it hasn´t evoilved in 7 years,
    moreover the selection of tanks is limited to x= +-10 / the rest sucks

    Put your shitty cash grab game where the sun don´t shine.

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