USSR Heavy & TD Changes

Good day everyone,

As part of the ongoing rebalance slated for update 9.20, WG has announced some changes to the old workhorse IS-7 and a few high tier TDs. Here’s what we have so far:



  • HP: 2150  ⟶ 2400
  • Power to Weight Ratio: 15.4  ⟶ 19
  • Aim Time Reduced to 2.9 seconds.

The vehicle will also be receiving a number of dispersion buffs.

Obj. 268

  • Increased Muzzle Velocity: 760 m/s  ⟶ 950 m/s

Obj. 704

  • Added 152mm D-4S as an alternative to the BL-10



  • HP: from 1010  ⟶ 1100

As for the displayed gun stats, they are for the new D-4S 152mm, as the BL-10 will be removed (along with a a few of the 122mm guns).

  • Damage: 750/750/950
  • Penetration: 260/292/90mm
  • Reload: 17.6s
  • Accuracy: .41
  • Aim Time: 3.4 seconds



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