USSR Heavy & TD Changes

Good day everyone,

As part of the ongoing rebalance slated for update 9.20, WG has announced some changes to the old workhorse IS-7 and a few high tier TDs. Here’s what we have so far:



  • HP: 2150  ⟶ 2400
  • Power to Weight Ratio: 15.4  ⟶ 19
  • Aim Time Reduced to 2.9 seconds.

The vehicle will also be receiving a number of dispersion buffs.

Obj. 268

  • Increased Muzzle Velocity: 760 m/s  ⟶ 950 m/s

Obj. 704

  • Added 152mm D-4S as an alternative to the BL-10



  • HP: from 1010  ⟶ 1100

As for the displayed gun stats, they are for the new D-4S 152mm, as the BL-10 will be removed (along with a a few of the 122mm guns).

  • Damage: 750/750/950
  • Penetration: 260/292/90mm
  • Reload: 17.6s
  • Accuracy: .41
  • Aim Time: 3.4 seconds



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USSR Heavy & TD Changes

53 thoughts on “USSR Heavy & TD Changes

  1. Vidar Hook says:

    So the IS-7 is a medium now?
    That is the only weird thing. Was honestly expecting and even somewhat hoping for something like a KV-4 buff, not that I play it but it’s quite weak nowadays.

    Have they learned what happens when you adopt the mindset of “not meant to be shot from the front?”

    1. Pedalpowered says:

      Well the T-10 is already pretty much a slow medium at tier 9, honestly the IS7 felt terrible after grinding through a great tanks like the T-10. The chinese 113 is also a pretty mobile tank.

      I suspect changes to the KV4/STI/IS4 are comming along with a buff to the IS6 and hopefully KV5.

      9.20 is going to be a seismic change for the game and the HD maps might bring some much needed fresh air and new blood.

      As much as people like to trashtalk and balk at every change WG does, WoT is a 6yo game that gets updates every 2 months and new content keeps things from stagnating. Wether we think it’s positive or negative, its new.

      The devs know the Maus and Type 5 are dominating the meta right now, they want to make armor relevant and that’s useless when every tank can press 2 and have 330 pen.

      I’m pretty sure we have not seen the end of stronk armor, I think the changes to gold shells that Blitz had are comming sooner than later and more defined roles for tanks along with them.

      1. Vidar Hook says:

        Well, if they want to make armor relevant then buffing the Maus turret was probably the worst thing they could’ve done. You can still dab the 2 key and pen it but people who don’t use heat get screwed over. Essentially, armor is equally irrelevant but premium ammo got buffed.

      2. heinz says:

        With this much amour I think IS-7 will be op with 19 hp/t despite it is completely nonsense because it should be more amour —> less speed. And IS-7 has shit tons of amour. Aaaand according to wikipedia IS-7 had 15,4 hp/t irl which I think is the perfect amount

      3. cynicaldutchie says:

        The IS-7 doesn’t have a shit ton of armor, it has good angles making it very effective. They don’t have to buff the hp/t though if they just give it better terrain resistance

      4. heinz says:

        the STRV 103 B has not much amour and good angles. according to IS-7 has 270mm of impact amour which is 320 with sloping. and 27cm (!!!) of pure steel is HEAVY !!!

  2. Huguenot says:

    So the 704 is getting a troll cannon that won’t carry over from the isu-152, is that correct? Or are they removing the bl-10 totally? Either way, it will be interesting to see how much it costs to research.

      1. Blankman says:

        So BL-10 would remain as the top gun at 704, with ISU’s new gun as the stock / mid gun?

      2. So the ISU-152 is losing it’s historical BL-10 while the 704 keeps it even though the two parts never saw each other and in turn the ISU will get a gun that has nothing to do with it historically, as will the 704.

  3. MrDobalina says:

    looks good so far BUT can anyone tell my why the hell someone should use the D4s over the BL10??? less penetration both on regular and prem shells and who knows which drawbacks not known of now

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok they are morons…no way I will keep playing this piece of crap. The game itself is great,one of the best I have ever played,but the people behind….oh god..

      1. Anonymous says:

        Its a heavy tank! It deserves to be slow! 19p/w is fast medium p/w. More health i agree,better gun handling,ok i guess but having driven the tank it didn’t seem slow by any shape or form. And yeah i agree the is7 is powercreeped… so nerf the op ass tier 10s,remove the derp gun from type5,and give maus a weakspot! Wg’s balancing is laughable

      2. Anonymous says:

        Plus the obj 268s problem is the same with every td in this game. The damn corriodor maps! Only the tds with armor or turrets work in this meta,not because they are better,just because wg has removed all open maps… And yeah this game is crap now. Just read their latest q&a where they speak about mm and they were answering the question they made…to themselves…they came to the conclusion that mm is great,despite all the people posting below that 80% of the time they are bottom tier even with tanks with pref mm. And i really want your honest answer,are you a pleased with the state of wot and the way wg treats the customer base?

    1. heinz says:

      Russian tanks are not necessarily the best its just that they are the best for corridor maps and city maps. Sadly this game does not have other maps than corridor and city maps. For example the Leopard 1 would be the best med to shoot over 2km distance which is not possible in the game.

  5. Yogi_2015 says:

    ISU-152 without the top gun….will there be any reimbursement? If not its time to stop playing this game.

    1. cynicaldutchie says:

      Yeah better stop playing because you lose a little bit of pen on a tank with a gun that’s still way too good for its tier

      1. Yogi_2015 says:

        Pen that is needed to take care of the new OP premium tanks that keep getting added to the game. WG needs to stop with the nerfs. The AMX ELC, FV304, and now this. The fun is going away.

  6. kingtrygon says:

    This should make the IS-7 and 268 a little more relevant now at least. Now lets get those IS-4 changes in!

  7. torturebear says:

    Ok… again. Interesting choice. The tank which had no buffs since ages because it still worked awesomely well and was still a counterpart to all tier 10 heavies gets now nearly as much HP as the IS4, more than the E5 and a power to weight like a slower medium. So finally the armor of a hidden Leopard 2 or M1 A2 or a T80… (I said that since I could appreciate the IS 7 and still think this thing do not need any buffs because it is working well unchanged since 5 years) …is meeting the actual speed of those tanks and their acceleration. Hilarious. 🙂

    I bet the dispersions will meet the T62 or the 140 or the M48 so it might be even better to shoot on the move. 🙂

    They can buff the E100 and the Maus like they want (even though nowadays the Maus is awesome and feels like a beast – please leave it like that) – the German flat armor will always be penetrated. E5 sticks to be a RNG box and the 113 will be not so interesting after all when these changes hit the life server.


  8. Neo says:

    This is a buff? HAHA nice try

    Other than hp buff, aim time won’t be noticeable as it’s still crap compared to the counterpart (wz1115a 2.5) and those 200 hp (horse power) more won’t matter because of the absolute shit terrain soft stats so it’s still gonna be slow as E100. Still no DPM buff, rip IS7 I guess

  9. God the obj 268 buff finally!!!! I’ve even done a review with statistic data on the forum some time ago showing how the shell velocity Is lacking… If they put a 8/8 gun travers max angle the buff will be complete

  10. Anonymous says:

    What about one of the oldest heavies in game… the IS4? It is long over due for a buff. Also the KV5 needs some love….

  11. Stormcloud says:

    ISU152 with BL10 removal …. aww неeeeeт! T-T
    Phear factor drops 1 pt to 9pt.

    I’d rather they buff instead the new gun’s
    – arc
    – gun handling soft stats

    over the 90HP extra (pfeh!)

    Russian TD is all about the offensive power, disregard all safety concerns 😛

  12. Partybooper says:

    I also don’t know why the IS-7 needed a buff. From the T10 heavies I have, it definitely feels effective because of it’s mobility. It can change positions easily unlike some other heavies with great armor (come on, if you use your brain and put the IS-7 in a hulldown position, it’s godlike!).

    If I look at a lot of the other tanks in my garage, there are much, much worse tanks in their respective tier which need a buff.

    The Sturer Emil is crap. The TVP VTU is not good compared to other tier 8 meds.
    Currently grinding through the T-43, that’s also not very enjoyable.
    T95E2… I won’t even start talking about this one.

    There are tanks which really feel out of place. IS-7? I enjoy playing it. Feels strong and the results are ok.

  13. noname says:

    I was hoping for better gun handling buff of is7, I got WZ 111 1-4 now, and with a lot better gun handling than IS7, kinda feels I’m doing better with it than the tier 10. Also prem rounds are complete bs on is7. You cant reliably pen e100 with it,while e100 will always HEAT & shit over your frontal armor.

  14. tuomo says:

    I think the ISU rebalance is justified and the 268 buffs are welcome as well.

    The IS-7 is buff atm ok but I think it needs some tweaking:

    – The gun handling buffs are fine as they are now.

    – Instead of buffing the hp/t, they should instead buff the ground resistances. It would be much easier that way because they don’t even have to mess with the historical accuracy.

    – Instead of buffing the HP, they should instead buff the DPM just a tiny bit. I think the sweet spot would be somewhere between the E100 and Obj 260 DPM.

  15. Dat Booty Tho says:

    The ISU and the Object 704 should switch places. Nerf the 704 take away the bl-10, buff the ISU, give it the bl-10 back (as it is historical-prototype), and pump it up to tier 9. My personal opinion, no bully pls.

    1. Imglidinhere says:

      You’re a fool. The 704 is an upgraded ISU in every way. Clearly you’ve no idea how to play the TDs if you think that the ISU is a better platform for that gun. Complaining about how 260mm pen isn’t enough is laughable as the Ferdinand doesn’t suffer issues with the 128 its got. 😛 It only has 248mm pen, so… why are you complaining? AND it does 33% less damage per shot!

      So why does the ISU not deserve this nerf? It’s OP for a tier 8 TD to ever do that level of damage per shot. Arty can’t reliably hit you that hard anymore.

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