V.1.0.2 #886 Test Server Changelog


I just finished compiling all the modifications on the new changelog for the patch V.1.0.2 #886.
Not many changes on this patch so far, especially compared to three years ago when I started doing these, it would take me sometimes nearly 2 days to compile and filter the changelog, now, it took me an hour (and I made lunch and coffee in between).

As usual:

-New (Previous)

New Vehicles:

-Polish HT Czolg T wz51 

-Soviet HT Object 277;
-Soviet MT K-91

Soviet MT T-34 shielded (It was called T-34 Experimental in ST but for whatever reason, they changed the name to shielded)



That’s all folks!

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V.1.0.2 #886 Test Server Changelog

12 thoughts on “V.1.0.2 #886 Test Server Changelog

  1. Nighthuntertauren says:

    Rather good changes to 430ii, much better turret armour and still enough side armour to scrape.
    Obj 268v4 getting some well deserved needs while not neutering it.
    I want more info on chimera and Excalibur though. I’m excited for those 2

    1. You do not sidescrape on 430II because there is big 45mm turret ring below it. 430II is for face bully with its 120 UFP + autobounce engine deck. Bad changes for making unique tanks become merely an upgrade from things before it

      1. Awesome_Face says:

        The turret ring really isn’t that big and most of it is an autobounce.
        If you sidescrape and drive a bit forward and backward to keep enemies from aiming at your weakspots (tiny portion of ring + copula against HEAT) the Obj.430II gets close to impenetrable.

        It was my favorite tank to sidescrape so far. I will certainly miss its somewhat unique playstyle. 🙁

        P.S. @rita
        Thx for the changelog
        Any news regarding the fate of Aufklärungspanzer?
        Its getting close to 3 years i have been waiting for its return and it has been added to supertest at the same time as the EVEN but no news since then. 🙁

    2. SeppC says:

      Where is the Turret Armor better now?
      This unique tank becomes a boring TD in the next patch. Its not easy to drive now when you want goos results, but when you know how to sidescrape its so much fun.

      In World of Corridors the new 430 II will be sh… you know what i mean.

  2. SeppC says:


    The Turret of the 430 II is nerfed too, you get after the rework an average TD but not that unique tank as it is now.

    I somehow like this tank as it is now (not easy to drive, but unique and is has its Moments). The new 430 II will leave my garage asap.

  3. eldrak says:

    Wasn’t the name always “Shielded” for the T-34? The “Experimental” was just a mistranslation from russian.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      I think the “E” in Russian name (“Ekran” means “screen” or “shield”) was initially mistaken to mean “experimental” due to lack of research.

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