Veider booted from Balance team


There are some more changes happening over Minsk,  Stanislav Kargin aka Veider who I liked to call “The Frodo of Minsk” has been removed from the balance team.

Who will replace him they don’t know yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy goes to Cyprus just like Storm.


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Veider booted from Balance team

30 thoughts on “Veider booted from Balance team

    1. qwertypresser says:

      Given how bad WG is at balancing, this guy must have done something truly horrible to be removed from the team. Like sleeping with the wrong person’s wife, or kicking some higher up’s dog. Or, perhaps, by saying that maybe Armoured Warfare wasn’t such a bad game after all.

      1. Marc Bourgoin says:

        Heyyo, heh with the banning of some porn sites in Russia? Maybe the problem is he didn’t sleep with someone’s wife? Lol…

  1. Edward_Teach says:

    Don’t rejoice too fast guys.
    We know what we loose, not what’s coming up.
    Given the habit of WG to hit the bottom and dig some more, we can expect litterally anything…

    1. Lunatic from Minsk says:

      I hope other Minsk starz will follow. Recent matchmaker is a shit. And possible changes? I do not care whether the shit will become lighter or darker. It could only be the same or better.

      1. That Line is garbage, all of them are hugely OP when top tier, quite poor when not top tier.
        And tier 5 and especially 6 are insane OP, 150 mm of armour without weakspots and same gun performance pretty much as KV2, oh and a stock gun that has pretty much the highest pen of all tier 6 heavies…

  2. jim says:

    The whole freaking company should be sacked for creating the monster they call WoT. It takes some serious shit-for-brains to let the game run amok like they have, and an even worse management to not listen to anyone: “Devs know best”. Balance 2.0 my arse, WG will never be able to fix the crap they have created.

  3. SMGJohn says:

    The game was just fine before they started listening to the players then everything went downhill the first thing was the gold ammo bullshit that everyone wanted but the one true God Serb said no, then everyone cried like little kids and WoT management punished Serb and implemented Gold anyway, look at our wünderbar game today, armour means nothing because people spam gold even at my 15mm side plates anyway.

    1. Mackdi says:

      I really think this is the real issue. They keep trying to “fix” the problems that the loud minority of plebs think are problems. The plebs need to learn to shut up and play instead of just whine. WG needs to learn to ignore the plebs and make the game they want to make.

      1. Michael Duke says:

        As long as the “Sheep and Whiners” are also the ones that pay for premium and gold then WG will never ignore them.

        As with any F2P game it falls apart when the bills have to be paid.

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