Victor K. NA Meeting Uncut Video

Good morning, for those interested, this is the uncut hour long version of the meeting with Victor K at the NA office:


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Victor K. NA Meeting Uncut Video

25 thoughts on “Victor K. NA Meeting Uncut Video

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      it’s interesting, how they managed to get the positive feedback option into Warships, and still react like hearing about this the first time ever. 😛

  1. Still don’t know what is so ‘difficult or hard’ to fix the Match Making’ seems simple in principle at the moment its a simple ‘select 30 tanks sort (roughly) into types load into game’ that’s as simplistic as it is at the moment
    ANSWER? is not that hard really is it? ‘players have widely different skill levels’ so use XVM or Win Rate to ‘balance poor players equally in the tanks in the MM’ (OR just do +- 1 MM if to lazy?

    1. If this was ever utilised the acrimony would be incredible. Imagine a battle with just high rated players on each side. They’d rip each other to pieces because at that level it is never their fault if they lose.

      1. NOT! what I said please read it again

        ‘Players have widely different skill levels’
        Where? does it say ‘just high rated players’ where nowhere at all ~
        the new noobie (noobs tomatoes whatever, and we were ALL new noobs once ok) all get spread EVENLY onto both teams so teams are balanced – (not elite top players only, jeez
        how hard is that to do – or read?

      2. sturmi0545 says:

        had a battle yesterday with the 4 worst players with win rates between 54% and 60% and personal ratings between 7200 and 9000, and yet they sucked soooo hard, with 0 damage done by each one of them. bottiest behaviour ever.
        personal rating should include a new factor: the possibility of any player to go full retard once in a while.

    2. Ultrasonic2 says:

      +- will be to boring a game.. and also tanks like the t34 would never see tiger1’s which they did in real life

  2. BattleBudgie says:

    Happy players, oh Viktor, you so silly. This would’ve sounded a bit less bullshit a week ago, before the “huge 5th anniversary bonuses”.

  3. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    Long story short
    Viktor said: “Yes, we messed it up and if you want to play instead of pay than choose Armored Warfare!”

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      I assume, WG is waiting until AW is out of beta, so they can copy them back ;). Where else should they get any ideas from? from serb, whose single idea it was to use tanks instead of orks/elves/pedophiles?

  4. Cranky1 says:

    This is a big deal Victor K has step up and has gone into rescue mode.
    WOT has been broken with same dumb ideas lately e.g. Rampage battles
    with Victor bringing back the old gang with that guy from Call of Duty.
    will get the game back on track.
    hopefully we can see more new national tank lines
    ( how can you have a WW2 tank battle game with out Italian tanks. )

  5. sturmi0545 says:

    let us gather together and pray to Ferdinand Porsche, Günther Burshtyn and Kliment Voroshilov above, so that WoT may finally fall into competent hands as soon as possible.

    praised be TOG.

  6. Friendly-Spidy says:

    Friendly Tip: The FV215b 183 in everyones WGL garage is not the one you supposed to know. Take a closer look Rita ! You will see what i mean.

  7. Major Rager says:

    Thank you for posting this Rita you are the best!
    I did not watch it because, Well? it is wargaming after all and life is too short and we no longer believe anything these monkeys say.
    Our accounts have been dormant for a year and we are giving up on this game. We had hoped for a miracle that WG would get their act together but it’s just not going to happen.
    The April 1 disdain toward the player base was pretty much the last straw so we are removing all WG products from our computers.
    I will continue to monitor status report in the event positive changes are implemented.

  8. jim says:

    He says “if users complain about MM we will fix it”. Well, there are almost 800 pages of how good MM works on the EU forum, and tonight is living proof that MM if fukced up beyond any repair.

    The guy is just lying through his teeth, nothing is being done, and nothing will get done.

  9. rudels says:

    Well I liked very much he is kind of waking up and staring to think deeply as well as go the whole way up to actual solutions to problems.
    Not sure however he will be able to keep this thinking pattern without falling back to the standard mindset that is:
    Game is complex. We have a problem. Ok lets remove this map or.. do something else. Without really going the whole way from identification of key issues, check the posiblilities in the frame of the ecosistem and working hard (not only talking) to implement sound changes.
    How do we make more money?
    Doing “random” changes.

    I fear he will fall back to that standard pattern soon enough at the latest as soon as a ‘minor’ “good” patch is released.
    Not blaming him however, it is a very hard job and really to keep perfoming at the peak level and with the professionalism (and enthusiasm) required all the time is not something the typical gaming industry manager is willing or able to do. Guess he also needs a strong and healthy structure throughout the company that loves the game and is able to adress core questions in a mature way.

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