Victor Kislyi Q&A

A sort of Q&A. Not a terrible lot of information specifically related to World of Tanks, but more towards WarGaming in general. Still, it’s something on an otherwise slow news day:

-It’s more difficult for WarGaming to operate in China, as we don’t operate the game there directly, and there are several problems. We pay sufficient attention to all clusters, and as Slava Makarov says- we don’t focus on specific clusters, just the game itself.

-We’re at a point where all we have to do now is not drop the game, just keep improving.

-If something fails and we don’t finish something, I try to remain calm about it. Everything is in our hands. There’s only one real reaction- Lets try to figure out how or why something failed and get it up and running again.

-Slava Makarov has a good mindset and experience. The man’s a rock, and I have a high opinion of him.

-Yes, we have several projects in the works in the back end, which haven’t been announced.

-All the main people on tanks go into one room everyday, and if there is some problem, they get to solving it.

-After the success of tanks in 2010, we didn’t immediately go out buying villas, yachts and go living some raucous lifestyle.

-It’s not easy getting a hit in the framework of a free-to-play or League of Legends type game. You need an idea, graphics, technology, monetization, progression, cultural compatibility etc. There are so many factors. I’d also say to not forget that 75% of people in the F2P model will never pay a single dollar in their lives, and they will play for years. In order to beat that, the game needs mass appeal.

-I’m actually happy with the success of any gaming company. I applaud something like Player Unknown Battlegrounds. I completely believe that computer games and games on other platforms are part of our culture and DNA.

-Caliber is our attempt at a shooter, but not a shooter like Overwatch or CS:GO. This is something a bit aimed at older players, focusing on special forces.

-I think with Tanks, if we didn’t discover a new genre in gaming then a subgenre at least.

-Personally, I want a lot of tanks. Historical or futuristic. I want to balance skill as well, which we’re currently working on in Belarus.

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Victor Kislyi Q&A

29 thoughts on “Victor Kislyi Q&A

  1. Seth says:

    “I want to balance skill as well, which we’re currently working on in Belarus.”

    About freaking time they work on including skill in MM. Had they added that instead of the BS 3/5/7, etc MM they would have reduced the number of lopsided and fast matches.

    1. davy nicolau says:

      “I want to balance skill as well, which we’re currently working on in Belarus.”

      Don’t they mean MORE POSITIVE RNG for the bots and poor for the confirmed players? I am afraid on what WG has in their minds here!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted if someone wants to tell me whoes idea was Foch B – 35 sec clip,2,4k dmg,speed etc…Just wanted to know how WG think that such tank is good for game?This tank is so much broken than old WT E100,if even average player plays in it.I cant belive in 35 sec reload clip,and 2 sec reload shells.Just wanted to say, how broken is that WG politic in every patch 1 tank must be OP as hell.

  3. “In order to beat that, the game needs mass appeal.”

    *Looks at the server population of the NA and Asia server*. Sorry, but there is no mass appeal if the game only caters to the RU servers’ mentality.

    You can say you don’t focus on any specific cluster but many of the game decisions seems to fit the RU players more than it does the NA and Asia server.

    Otherwise RNG would be tightened, premium ammo rebalanced, inter-tier balance improved, a netcode that takes ping into account like in Overwatch, and a pricing/monetisation plan which doesn’t involve spending the equivalent of the cost of a newly released AAA game from a large game studio just for a premium vehicle that requires very good matches to reap the most benefit.

    1. Interestingly, this list is all the things that Armored Warfare tried, and it tanked their game. Why? Because when you do these things, for players to have success they *must* be skilled. And so the unwashed masses, that 75% Kislyi references above, leave the game. And without a large player base (which WoT does still have), games like this don’t work.

      You can argue this of course, but whether its true or not, its the lesson that WG learned, so they are not going to go down the same rabbit hole.

      1. Sorry but those things did not tank their game but other more game breaking items namely very poor balance especially when they implemented Tiers 9-10. Then there were massive bugs related to the commander skills and equipment. Then there was the whining because of the “punishment” that “good” players supposedly faced with skilled team balancing. I still believe skilled team balancing was a cause for AW tanking.

      1. shithead says:

        They most likely do, at least in EU. New AAA game is usually 50€, but quite usually there’s like 10-15% discount on release, so the game costs around 45€. Tanks? Those pricier tier 8s are around 40€, which is pretty damn close…

      2. Where do you buy your games from lmao?

        I can buy most top end brand new games from steam for around 40 pounds. Look at the prices of tier 8 prems….comes close to 40 pounds….

      3. *Looks at Destiny 2 in the client*.


        Yeah, don’t compare costs of console games to PC games. They are charged differently.

        But since I play on the NA server, the price difference is maybe USD$10. So get a new AAA game for $10 more or buy a premium tank in WoT for almost the same price.

        Micro transactions my ass.

  4. Tel says:

    There are so many factors. I’d also say to not forget that 75% of people in the F2P model will never pay a single dollar in their lives, and they will play for years. In order to beat that, the game needs mass appeal.

    Hmmm cause most players think WG are a pack of cunts
    Hmmm cause WG seem to Piss offf most players

    Unhappy people will never pay you a $1.00

    SirFoch saga helped reinforce that

    But what do i know i only play the game

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      For them, safer is better. They have very little credentials and skills. Chances are, most of them only have a Bachelor’s degree. None of them are actual scholars nor capable of jobs that require brains. Especially in Belarus, the country is a governmental and economical mess. For them, they fear two things: lack of money and the possibility of being wrongfully convicted/executed. For the rest of the developed world, we’re much more comfortable and actually contribute to the global market and wellbeing of others.

      1. Anonymous says:

        They have phd’s in math physics etc. Also you know nothing about Belarus, a country with below 1% unemployment rate. Therefor stop talking shit about things you clearly have no clue about.

      2. Jabster says:

        Must be time for another “potato festival”
        to distract the population +tell them how good they have it

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Liked it? Take a second to support DecoNoir on Patreon!” – this needs to be changed to “support Rita”, otherwise its deceptive/incorrect

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