Video of the Overlord Map on Supertest.

Unfortunately the commentary is in Russian but it’s interesting nevertheless. If an English version is released we will update.

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Video of the Overlord Map on Supertest.

18 thoughts on “Video of the Overlord Map on Supertest.

  1. Much better
    looks like a real map now that actually may have existed in Normandy in WW2
    not a fictional WG Map made by sadistic Dev’s looking for a brawling mess of a Map with max corridors
    and traps everywhere.

    LT’s will like this new version a lot,
    and even TD’s now can move around to support a push instead of camping hard not moving at all at the very back of the Map

    very nice

    1. I’m sorry, game wise this is better, but the original map is more like how Norway really is with steep cliffs with beaches below in places. There might be something like this new version in places as well but the Overlord map’s original iteration’s cliff and beach were completely realistic.

      1. BenMilroj says:

        You’re just talking about the cliffs, and that is obviously true. Although nice slopes for tanks to drive up also weren’t realistic. The rest of the new Overlord map feels a lot more like just a cut-out of North-French countryside, the current map with its convenient hole (what should that resemble??) and ridgelines in one straight line across the middle feels way too made up. I think it’s progress definantly for gameplay, and also a bit for realism.

    2. Dontspill McGinnis says:

      I,m not so sure. my own recollections of Normandy involve lots of hedges, they’ve been taken away here. The topography is probably better, but without cover, this is not TD friendly.

      1. says:

        Nope is been made more Russian tank friendly. All those annoying more than 5 degree slopes and bumps removed so they can brawl at maximum effectiveness.

  2. septfox says:

    It’s effectively a new map.

    If you’re going to go to the trouble, why not just…y’know…make it a new map. It’s not as if the current one is unplayable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    srsly the only good change about this is the beach Area,the rest just got completly ruined(especially the middle Area) gj WG…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree, this will be a good NEW map (call it Underworld as it looks upside down in places), but lets keep the old one as it is. Oh and while they are at it bring back all the other supposedly bad maps to increase the rotations…

  5. Again WG decided to f..k up quite realistic and actually quite playable for all sorts of tanks map and make iit more “balanced”. “Balanced” means in WG vocabulary “let’s make it shit for other tanks but no for heavies”. I’m a “TD-man”, and every iteration of “balanced” maps is worse and worse for long distance snipping. WG understands tank battle as shooting to each other from around the corner in distance no more than 5 meteres.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Marek – I couldn’t agree more. We started with Rock Paper Scissors , which is why this game worked and because of some twisted developer we will end up with Rock Rock Rock -not a game. As for Normandy – made famous by Wittman and the “Bocage” he would be spinning in his grave. Wittman in a heavy tank parked in a bush and used the cover to take out a column of Allied tanks and became world famous. So to represent Normandy WG removes all the hedge rows and bushes and leaves this impossible for TD’s because some developer only likes heavies. Then they will nerf the natural balance of Arty with stunning , then nerf mediums by winding up lights and then nerf everything but heavies by reducing pen and boosting armour. Next will be flat table tops with no terrain ( sorry we already got that – Paris) and voila you are done 3 minutes of heavy vs heavy and all over so quick no one has to think any more – after all if you want a mass player game the less thinking the required the better right?
    Wrong this current line of development will kill it!

  7. Cpt_Hacks says:

    So open, so huge, I love it 🙂 Finally a non-corridor map.

    But, as some others said, this is not a fix of the present overlord map (that was completely ok for me), but a whole new map. So guys, if you put in the effort, why don’t you make a really new map insead of a remake, so that we get more diversity? I don’t get it.

  8. It has English subtitles. I hope the subtitles were generated by a computer. The subtitles are extremely funny at sometimes, especially around the 5-6 minute marks. Cockroaches and the center has a hoarse (yes it is spelled hoarse in the subtitles and not horse), but he feels secure so all is well.

    I do not understand Russian at all and I am a native English speaker, but I think the subtitles made less sense to me than the Russian….but they are funny. Rita needs to dub the English subtitles on this video while imitating a Russian Accent. Or maybe Jingles…but Rita would be great at this.

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