VK 45.03: Video and For Sale on SEA & RU


WG Asia and RU just uploaded this video on the new VK 45.03:

And is also being sold on SEA and RU (including the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K).

Note: VK 45.03 is now available as Rental on NA as well.

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VK 45.03: Video and For Sale on SEA & RU

13 thoughts on “VK 45.03: Video and For Sale on SEA & RU

  1. Every player on every server has the ability to get one, except EU of course. I dont care if EU is 1 or 2 days behind but now it’s pushing towards 1 week. Yet with update 9.15 SEA server was miles behind the rest in receiving the update..

    I bet this tank will be first sold on/near tankfest which is in a few weeks…

  2. It is bizarre how EU hasn’t got this and the new Aussie tonk. You’d have thought that selling it and making money, as much money as soon as possible, would be the best business decision.
    Strangest of all was the way the new British Destroyer HMS Campbeltown was delayed for what seemed an age in WoWS EU.
    Mayhap the Paris floods are having an effect.

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      Shouldn’t the flood period be the best time to sell your boats? 😉

      Classic WG logic, where price and demand are always inversely proportional .

    2. Landser says:

      If the floods would have affected them so bad they wouldn’t have given us the Crapion or the AMX crap bundle they did. As a matter of fact they wouldn’t even pose articles on forums/website. Don’t try and find excuses for them. This is on purpose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It´s insane. They seem to be waiting for the soccer-europe mastery championship to release the tank but for what reason – people prefer to buy sausages, potatoe chips and beer for that, not tanks.

    However, it´s somehow scary to watch nice offers and rentals on all the other servers and EU only managed to give out a cheesy old CDC bundle nobody really wants.

  4. Deano says:

    god dammit if wg eu pulls an fv201 a45 (as in they held out on giving it to eu for about 4 months and when every other server got the option to do a marathon to get it we got a bundle that put in £10 over the price of a tier 8 prem) with the vk4503 i will go nuts

    its even more ironic because this thing would sell like nothing else would on eu people hate the lowe its too and slow firing and the gun handling with that aim time is not good at all you cant snap shot. tje vk4503 is a tank i would love to have but if they bundle it they can go suck a dick.

  5. xCaptainObviousx says:

    The stats of this thing reminds me of the pre-buff Tiger H, I loved that tank. Now if only WG wanted my money…

  6. Honcho says:

    Any news on the PzKpfw. III Ausf. K ? There is only a hand full of videos on youtube, though i saw it in the ru shop for quite some time.

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