VK 65.01 (H) Updated Stats

Good day everyone,

You may remember awhile back that a German Tier V heavy was being tested (and if not). Well its still kicking around in supertest, here are its new stats…



The project was developed in early 1939. Planned weight was 65 tons, with 80mm of frontal armor, 600 horsepower engine, and a short barreled 75mm gun. The project went through many stages but was ultimately scrapped before the end of 1941 do to being impractical.


Tier 5

HP: 700

Weight: 65.75 tons

Power/Weight: 9.27

Max Speeds: 30kp/h fwd. 15kp/h rev.

Hull Rotation: 30 deg/s

Turret Rotation: 25 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0.959/1.151/2.397

View Range: 360m

Radio Range: 646.6m

Hull Armor: 80/80/80mm


Gun: 75mm KwK L40

Damage: 110/110/175

Penetration: 108/124/38mm

Rate of Fire: 15.26

DPM: 1678.75

Reload: 3.93sec.

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 1.63sec.

Depression/Elevation: -10/+20




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