VK 72.01 Supertest Stats

Preliminary stats of the German Tier X heavy. Heres what we have:11

Tier X
HP: 2500
Engine power: 1200
Weight: 120.03 t
Power to Weight Ratio: 10
Speed: + 33 / -15 kph
Hull Traverse: 24 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 18 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 1.1 / 1.2 / 2.3
Hull Armor: 240/160/120 mm
Turret Armor: 240/160/120 mm
Sight: 400 m
View Range:  720 m
Number of crew members: 5

Cannon: 12.8 cm Kw.K. 46 L / 61
DMG: 560/560/700
Penetration: 258/330/65 mm
DPM: 2,100
Rate of fire: 3.75
Overloading: 16 s
Accuracy: 0.35
Time targeting: 2.5 s
deflection works: -5 ° / + 17 °

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VK 72.01 Supertest Stats

42 thoughts on “VK 72.01 Supertest Stats

    1. DZ says:

      both are the same..so the CW people get fucked as usual by WG. makes the wasted time and effort / credits / life pointless. but i guess when ur RU, that isnt a issue when it comes to a life.

      1. Not fully the same, this one (tech tree) only has a 12.8cm while the CW version has the 15cm. People that have the CW version keep it as is as well as get this version.

        So its not a complete fuck over for them

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Real vehicle (project), but the armoring is fake (if I remember, it should have the same armor as the tier VIII Lowe)

      2. As Wheeled tank said, the armor should be the same as the current tier 8 lowe with historical configuration which would have been 120mm. Also the gun would have only been a 10.5cm

    1. Seems like wargaming is taking liberties in predicting what the germans would have done with their tank projects had they continued them in a fantasy workd where the war had reached a stale mate. Some could also call these new tank statistics alternate facts.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s not. The weakspot under the turret is an easy pen for even tier 8s. All it needs is a vaguely competent player up against it.

    2. wremisekrummels says:

      nope… i have the real vk k and i can say it isnt… look at that turrent ring. everyone will shoot there then you are angleing even a lttle bit and cause WG hates us guess what is there? haha, of course the ammo rack!!
      so you will have a heavy, and then you try to sidescrape, everyone will shoot in your ammo rack! deal with it!

      1. That’s a TD gun with 276mm of penetration. This is a HT with 258mm of pen… so why not make the damage that of the other HTs?

        And I have issues with the 12.8cm TD guns having 560dmg while the 130mm on the Obj 263 has 550 dmg… larger caliber gun with less damage… logic out of 10

      1. True, especially at higher tiers for +750 alpha guns (E100/VK exception). Medium td’s like the conway, su-122-54, and foch each run a format of their guns on their respective nation’s tier X heavies. They might be shuffling their rules to get more content out or to better frame the VK as a middle man between the E100 and Maus rather than a copy of one or the other. Not sure if it was the best move but it isn’t the first time.

  1. NDGR says:

    This shouldn’t happen. There are a lot of people that worked hard to get a unique tank, just to see it introduced as a tech tree tank. Go on wg, fuck with those who play the most. (btw, no I do not own this tank)

    1. viper_invader_1 says:

      This is not the same tank for like the 50th time- the difference in gameplay that the 128 will cause is so signifigant it is a different tank

  2. This post is wrong .. IT has the 15cm GUN… Also it has received a good armour buff over the original CW tank.. But still there is only one tank. This is still a meah.. tank.. Not sure it will be better than the e-100.. about the same i guess.

  3. Cygnus610 says:

    from the post about this on the NA server:

    “IMPORTANT: Following recent feedback about adding a new tier X heavy to the German Tech Tree, similar to the VK 72.01 (K), we decided to keep this Global Map trophy as a unique reward to Clan players. Instead, the Tech Tree will receive a completely new vehicle: the Pz.Kpfw VII. Unlike the VK 72.01 (K), it will mount a 12.8cm Kw. K. 46 L/61 gun, which provides a quite different play style.

    The 72.01 (K) gets a number of improvements including easier gun handling, an increased penetration value for the Pzgr. 42 shell (the 15cm Kw. K. L/38 gun), and a larger ammo load of 35 rounds. In addition, both the maximum forward speed of the VK 72.01(K) and the Pz.Kpfw VII will be set at 33 km/h, plus better hull armor.”

    1. Sounds fair, most other clan war tanks are near copies of existing tanks like the obj 907, WZ 121B and whatever the american medium is are almost exact copies from the exterior. Internally from alpha to gun handling or armor there are notable differences.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well thats a german Type4.
    And 16s reload FFS WG what are you trying to make with this tank if you cant add it because of like 5k players out of multiple millions then just say out loud that you dont wanna add it at all and dont do it.

    1. Except the type 4 has a shit turret and can’t sidescrape anywhere close as good as the vk. Type 4 will also have a derp gun that will have to reload for 20 seconds with 75mm of pen. Speedy, you’re not making any sense here, it’s supposed to be a tank inbetween the styles of the Maus and E100. the 560 alpha and 16 sec reload sit reasonably in between 490 and 750 alpha with 14.3 and 19 sec reload respectively to the Maus and E100… What’s your problem?

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      I think that the situation is fair. The 128 L/61 is a good gun and the CW guys get to keep a fairly unique and useful tank. You’ve still got the E-100 available as the high-alpha heavy without any special requirements, and it’s a good tank as well.

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