VK4503 Stats Update


remember the VK 45.03, tier 7 Premium German HT which I posted last summer? Well there’s a stats update:



A variant of a German heavy tank from the end of WW2. On 12/10/1942 the project received the designation Tiger III (VK 45.03). Only existed on paper.

Tier: 7 premium HT
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 700 hp
Weight: 65 tons
Power-to-weight: 10,8 hp/t
Maximum speed: 38/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s
Turret traverse: 22 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,9/1/1,9
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 620

Hull armor: 100/80/80
Turret armor: 100/80/80

Gun: 8,8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71 (Tiger II gun)

Tier: 8
Ammo capacity: 72
Ammo type: AP/APCR/HE
Ammo price: 252 C / 11 G / 252 C

Damage: 240/240/295
Penetration: 203/237/44
ROF: 7.14
DPM: 1713.6
Reload: 8,4
Accuracy: 0,33
Aimtime: 2,2s
Depression: -8/+15

Hull Shot dispersion factor:

  • Movement: 0.18
  • Rotation: 0.18

Turret Shot dispersion factor:

  • Rotation: 0.1
  • After shot: 3
  • While Gun Damaged: 2

Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator and Loader)

Armor & Model:

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VK4503 Stats Update

72 thoughts on “VK4503 Stats Update

    1. WorldsDawn says:

      What? A Tier VII Heavy tank with 1500 Hitpoints and 203mm of penetration and godinsane DPM should get preferential MM? O_o

      1. one of the rare existing vehicle in this game should become premium because it’s gun is overbuffed to make up for an armor that would suck at tier 6 already and to make it suit his role ?

      2. Someone says:

        Worlsdawn, I take it you’re a moron. Tiger I is the second weakest T7 hvy (worst being AMX M4, although that tank can be quite deadly with 105mm gun, using premium ammo vs higher tiers).

        Problems with Tiger :
        – Gun is very unreliable at long range, does very low dmg per shot (200 dmg quite often, IF it penetrates), so that huge DPM will never be used to it’s full extent, thanks to it’s null camo factor
        – Has abysmal mobility, thanks to that
        – Non-existant armor, first shot in LFP can easily torch you, aim higher and you can rack the Tiger (I did both, especially with SU-152, a real OP vehicle)
        – Horrible MM, for some reason you almost always end up at T8+, and yeah there you suck, you just suck

        I’m not exactly sure which tank is worse right now, Tiger or the VK4503. It needs some research.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Oh hai thar “Black Prince”, how ya doink? Havent seen you in games recently, and i heard you started doing 70’s inspired porn flicks!? is it true?

      4. Oh hai thar “Black Prince”, how ya doink? Havent seen you in games recently, and i heard you started doing 70’s inspired porn flicks!? is it true?

      5. Klimax says:

        Reports of my fall are greatly exaggerated. (I have seen quite few BPs recently, not that it was really popular tank before anyway, sadly my BP is sitting in garage as I am busy grinding 6mil credits to get FV215b)

    2. madogthefirst says:

      We already have a Tiger with preferential match making it is called HT number 6.

      Stop asking for stupid shit because you are a scrub.

      1. madogthefirst says:

        Kinda when you compare it to the Tiger I, it don’t see tier 9 like the Tiger I.

      2. datalink7 says:

        HI VI doesn’t have preferred MM. While some people ask for stupid shit, other people say stupid shit…

    1. WorldsDawn says:

      Have you played Tier III or IV recently?
      Do you have fun to take on 90% Tier V tanks in your Tier III?
      With 50% crew of course?

      1. apache1990 says:

        Low tiers are mostly screwed because of how steep the tier and class HP scaling is there. It doesn’t really start evening out to reasonable levels till T6/7.

      2. Cant reply to apache1990 for some reason, but the main problem with scaling is that WG decides to give OI exp for example a 300 alpha gun. You can oneshot most tier 4s with that. Most other tanks are fine in terms of HP/damage output.

  1. WorldsDawn says:

    When i see them using the same armor thickness on both the upper on lower frontal hull, i always have to ask myself why other tanks (even after the HD model update) still have these weakspots :/

    You could say:”Balance reasons”. But come on… giving the Tiger II 150mm frontal armor on the lower plate would not make it OP (O-I has this on Tier VI).

    FFS! The Tiger II has 80mm side turret armor even a tier 5 could penetrate…

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think (don’t quote me on this) it is historic dimensions. A weak lower plate is just an Achilles heel, so to speak, of those tanks.

      1. Anonymous says:

        It’s because at the ranges that these tanks engaged each other historically it didn’t matter if the lower plate was weaker, when people just aimed at the middle of the tank anyway.

    2. Oberst_Stein says:

      Because the Tiger 2 only had 100mm on the lower plate and Wargaming can put any armor values they want on fantasy tanks like this one. Nobody can tell them that the armor is wrong because it was never made. They have complete freedom to make the armor and shape of the tank as they like.

      1. x says:

        Logic was never your strong suit, kid… The gun will not shit on anything w 203 pen especially not the IS6 as this fine prem will be raped through the turret by t5s. Learn basic math before running your cute little mouth, thanks.

      2. CynicalDutchie says:

        What are you on? Because I want some of that. The long 88 is one of the highest penetrating guns you can get at T7 and it can easily shit on T9s let alone some shitty overrated T8 prem.

        Not to mention, the IS-6 only has a measly 175mm of pen which is completely useless at T8, yet here you are bitching about how OP it is.

    1. WorldsDawn says:

      Nobody will shoot the turret ring… you need 110mm of pen to reliably penetrate the frontal turret armor…

      110mm! thats almost tier 5 level of penetration!

  2. warishell23 says:

    Someone on the NA server has this tank and played in a match. It did “okay” not something outstanding. Just one battle though so can’t make a decision based on that. Thought it looked like an FCM with a stock tiger 2 turret.

  3. SCARed says:

    Well, the DPM is a bit underwhelming, it’s only a very tiny bit above Porsche Tiger. The soft stats for the gun look promising on the other side. Plus it is for sure better than Löwe.

    Could be a nice crew trainer, just don’t compare it to the IS-2 Berlin.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tiger III, this is a typo. Germany was heading in the ‘E’ series direction. This is one of the paper prototypes for the Tiger II design.

  5. Michael Dixon says:

    this is near the the top of the must have tanks are we goign to be able to get this tank ever ? it’s been around for some time ?

  6. MM says:

    I saw it someone streaming it on NA server.. i would buy it actualy, I kinda liked it.
    I dont own Lowe so I need a german crew trainer with over 200 pen.

  7. Teknokraatti says:

    I must admit, I am a bit confused with these stats. It has a pretty long reload and mediocre DPM, but to compensate, it has good after-shot bloom? Stability stats are pretty good and marginally better than Tigers and the aiming time is much better. The armour, perfectly angled, is better by some 30mm, but it is much larger. While its turret has frontal autobounce sides and very strong but small mantlet, it’s not very strong.

    As it stands, it is just a Tiger that sacrifices huge portion of its DPM, some mobility, relatively compact size and 100HP for 0,5 sec better aim time (Not that useful, Tiger can snap shots pretty well and is accurate anyways), meaningless amount of armour, 1 extra degree of depression and a bit less bloom.

    What’s the point? Tiger 1 is a good tank because it has very good DPM on a platform that is pretty mobile. This thing is just strictly worse and will see T8 nonstop, where its strengths don’t really count. Thanks, but I’ll just keep my Tiger. I however, would drop the gold equivalent of a T7 premium without a second thought just to give my Tiger 1 the ability to use any German heavy crew without penalty. Grinding new, sufficiently skilled crews is not fun…

    1. Ultrasonic2 says:

      it depends on how you look at it .. this is better than the tiger 1 in every respect than DPM… so I can’t really see the down side. Since i have 3 marks on the Tiger 1 i feel i can make this work too.

      This has better than the tiger 1
      Aim time
      dispersion on the move
      dispersion on turret rotation
      turret rotation
      track rotation
      P/W/T (Acceleration including power to weight and terrain resistance)
      better armour

      tiger 1 has better top speed by 2kph and a good amount more DPM ( tiger one being one of the best at t7)

      Bu this thing still has better dpm than the tiger p

      I class this tank as good/ well above average.

  8. Look at these people who are still clueless about Tiger I and its broken DPM + HP.

    Ah well, as for this tank, I think it’s a good premium. Workable armor, gun that seems accurate and can pen most T9. DPM is not that shabby too for a T7 HT. I want it.

    1. bbmoose says:

      EXACTLY THIS. The Tiger I isn’t exactly easy to play, but it’s a beast if you can keep distance to your enemies. DPM is brutal at tier 7, pen, accuracy and mobility too. I have +85% MOE (still bad stats from the noob days) on the Tiger and I can wreck T7’s and T8’s with it.

      But yeah, the VK45.03 seems to be a solid tank. Absolutely and instant buy!

    1. zombietropa says:

      But its a stock Tiger 2 turret at tier 7, with the same armour as a Tiger 1’s turret, but it is angled. Admittedly, it forms a shot trap, but it’s all angled, unlike the Tiger. If you play it as a support heavy, and not a frontline brawler, using that 8 degrees of gun depression,then it looks pretty solid. Not great, especially with that RoF, but solid.

    1. Michael Dixon says:

      the same at tiger 1

      It does not matter i dont take ANY prem rounds and i have 3marks on the tiger 1 .. The prem ammo is hardly better the stock ammo so i don’t bother..

      This is because they dont have much more pen than stock ammo and there is less normalization with ARPC ammo, which reduces their comparative pen to AP ammo. So i don’t bother.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for a german HT crew trainer. I think this might be a better choice than Lowe. What do you guys think?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why are idiots saying 1700 DPM is good? No armor, crap mobility, crap DPM, weak gun….. really weak turret…. typical German garbage.

    1. Michael Dixon says:

      seriously man go look this tank up before making comments you can’t backup.

      The 45.03 has a better LG and UG armour than the USSR IS or KV3 and i’d say the turret is better than the IS too though many cos the 45.03 has such a small commands hatch.

      lets also not forget that you can angle the germans front too for even more thickness

      I admit that this Armour will only be useful for tanks lower than it though. still it’s better than the tiger 1’s no armour ( t5’s can pen it )

      i wish this tank did have more DPM though 🙁 it might not be as good as i was hoping for because of this. Still it will get the first shot off before the tiger 1 would thanks to the better gun handling so it might workout about the same.

  11. Armata_MBT says:

    Tiger II’s side armour, suspension & 700hp engine;
    Tiger I’s idle wheel;
    early Tiger II’s Porsche turret;
    Panther II’s 100mm frontal upper-glacis plate;
    88mm L/71 at Panther II’s RoF.

    Not bad indeed, much more play’able than Panther II @ tier 8-10 battles.
    100mm sloped frontal armour…… okay, better than Tiger I’s 100mm straightened.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if there is a place for this tank in the game, it is every bit similar to the Tiger I, if not worse. The tank does not impress me from the appearance and sure not the specification, the rof, mobility and armor are either of same level/ on par with the Tiger I.

  13. Imglidinhere says:

    I… Really hope the ROF gets buffed a little bit. 7.14 RPM is really really low for that gun. If it stays that way, at least give it pref MM because maaaaan it won’t be able to do JACK against anything and it’ll be support-only.

    I really hoped it’d stay at around 8 RPM, since that’d make it bearable, but at this point, just stick to the Tiger I for a non-prem tier 7 credit maker and leave this thing alone… not that I still wouldn’t buy it for the off-chance likelyhood that it’ll get buffed down the road. 😛

  14. sunny says:

    WoT is becoming more and more a pay-to-win game! The VK4503 is just as good as the Tiger 1 in every department, being even better in regards to the armour! Also, it makes more credits and it trains your crew faster! Tiger 1 just got rekt!

  15. I just met one in random and rolled half map doing 3600dmg, Top gun, High Caliber and Steel Wall . I have screenshots if you want

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