W.o.T. Console – Developer Diary

Monster Mash Mode.

A little more about the Console Halloween event.

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W.o.T. Console – Developer Diary

9 thoughts on “W.o.T. Console – Developer Diary

    1. CelticArchangel says:

      As awesome as it would be, too many PC players have potatoes for rigs… and most would choke to death on something like this.
      It will be some time before events like this make it to mainstream PCs.
      Though to be fair, World of Warships did make a very nice event this year. That may be a sign for things to come.

  1. too bad the console thinks that events like this are more important than any ounce of game balance, because fuck having fun in normal battles, events are much more important

  2. Tommy_Gun says:

    I think that WoT console still needs more players and this is why it has better events than WoT PC.

    PC player base is already established and quite big. As for consoles this player base is significantly smaller. Thats why WG needs to to better events and some exlusive contet for consoles.

    1. Anonymous says:

      like the mercanary tech tree that wgConsole said is coming after it has catched up with pc updates. i just hope they bring out those tier 10 reward tanks amd add them as normal tech tree tanks

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