[W.o.T.] Supertest: New edits of Province

From Wargaming the newest version of the Province map.

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[W.o.T.] Supertest: New edits of Province

14 thoughts on “[W.o.T.] Supertest: New edits of Province

  1. Kyros says:

    Same thing as with Kharkov reworked map, made a bigger shitty version of Province. Just look at that garbage, the huge ugly Rocks they added just to give you cover, the Houses that seem to have personal space between them, the bushes that are just placed at the spots where you need to cover tomatoe players. The freaking flat ground with absolutly nothing special all over the map. The Roads are so huge and empty, an Leviathan would have no problems driving here and between the buildings.

    They just made a shitty bigger copy of Province because they want high Tier Tanks to play in is, while complety ignoring the asthetics and look of it. They just could increase the size of the valley of the original Province, so no one could overspott each side and it would be a good low tier map again. Buuuuuut nooooo let the unpayed trainee design our new maps.

    1. muggyman says:

      If you’ve ever seen a supertest map before they usually don’t put a lot of the bushes and aesthetic objects in until the map is complete just incase they have to rework the terrain they don’t want to have to replace all of the things they already put down. I can guarantee you this map won’t be nearly as empty in the final version

      1. Kyros says:

        Just look at the parts of the map that was just copyed from original province, and compare it to the bullshit they added especially the right side(East).

        I know they will add little shit in the finished map, but you can not fill the HUGE empty gaps this map has with some little details, it’s like you have a huge freaking living room and you add right into the middle a couch and be like “yea that looks great !” and nothing more.

    2. Stop before you make yourself look a complete idiot… Oh wait too late.

      They’re testing a new map geometry/layout first. You can clearly tell they slapped the most low res generic texture just so it’s just big grey blobs everywhere. Kharkov wins some good things, loses some… Here Province looks like a vast improvement compared to the horrid current design. As far as aesthetics go, they’ll probably slap some HD-everything, add plenty of cosmetic stuff but in the end it’s the playability we first and foremost care about. Pointless to spend hours on fine-tuning textures if everyone ends up hating the guts of the map.

  2. Thander_Tank says:

    This map is incredible, I can not wait to see it in HD, if all maps have this geographical complexity, I believe that players would take much longer to get rid of them

  3. muggyman says:

    The southern spawn seems to be much more favored. They have a direct route to the northern base and the northern base doesn’t look as if it has much room to defend itself. Meanwhile the northern base has to take a longer route through open terrain to get to the southern base, and the south has a large area where it can defend itself from. Personally the first version of the map looked more balanced to me.

  4. Peter Nunn says:

    Yeah, looks good.

    Hope it’s big enough to not be a shooting gallery for mid-higher tiers (like the old one was before it was limited to low tier).

    A lot more versatile, thumbs up 🙂

  5. PrinzPilsje says:

    When a cap circle becomes useless, remove the cap circle

    if this is going live (including t4-10) there will be swedish tds at the level of FCM36, scouts at the level of t2 lights, british tds at the level ot t18 and the rest can smoke a banana.

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