Waffentrager auf E-100 HD Screenshots

Brief little post of some screenshots of the HD WTE-100 being introduced to the Chinese server as a Tier X premium. Estimated cost is expected to be around 30,000 gold, and its armament will be the 128mm L/60. According to Anton Pankov, no real hope of this thing making a return to other servers. With that, pics:

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Waffentrager auf E-100 HD Screenshots

35 thoughts on “Waffentrager auf E-100 HD Screenshots

    1. wolvenworks says:

      nothing to see here. just WG milking more of dat chinese moneh. which we SHOULDN’T protest because they’re basically okay to ATM

      1. Remember Chinese TD? It is going to be introduced to global soon despite they promised that it’s exclusive to Chinese sever. Now, Waffen is going to Chinese sever. Do you see the similar pattern there? If by any chance, the Waffen works fine in Chinese sever, it will likely be added into TD line in global severs.

      2. Martel says:

        Chinese server is run by a Chinese company. WG, I guess, is leasing the game to that company and collecting royalties. Chinese server has type 59 gold tank in the game, which is making twice the credits and XP regular does. They have type 59 as a premium tank in their stores- always had. They have all sorts of different stuff available and it’s much more pay to win than the rest of WoT will ever be. Their server was P2W since the inception. Also, to reply to junwei qiu- Chinese Arty is going to be introduced on the Chinese server, and WG promised it will not be introduced to the rest of the community. Chinese TD’s were never mentioned on that matter.

      3. Martel says:

        Besides, with all the crap introduced so far, is it really a broken tank still? Was it ever? I really wish I still had my old WT e-100 and be able to unload a clip with gold ammo from time to time on either a Maus or a Type 5 Heavy.

      4. Eqro says:

        i dont think this wil be on global servers cuz in chinese servers they sell Cw reward tanks like m60 and 907 etc as premium tanks
        also they sell type59 etc
        chinese wg is complete diffirent studio wich puts animetanks in their servers

  1. Never mind says:

    This is what she should have looked like all along. A damn shame she is gone. I miss mine. The replacement is garbage.

      1. Martel says:

        I’m a bluenicum player. My avg dmg in Grille is higher than what it was in WT. I have 2 MoE in Grile I have 2 MoE in WT. I played Grille before the nerf, while I never played WT before its nerf, when it was apparently, “not just broken” but OP as well. Since the latest nerf, I played just a couple of games in Grille, so I can’t say is the Grille as it is now, more powerful than WT was in it’s last incarnation.

      2. lol implying the grille is actually worse than the wte100. Funny how good players do equally as well in both, but the bad players always complain about the op wte100 being removed and disrupting the entire balance of tier x gameplay.

    1. Nafre says:

      I hope this time he doesn’t keep his word but that they do some balancing for it. It just needed a bit of work like 4-7 sec between shells

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “According to Anton Pankov, no real hope of this thing making a return to other servers.”

    They said the same about the chinese TDs.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      those? i thought there weren’t any proper stance on it until recently. all i know before the announcement of their inclusion is that their assets are already made, and that it’s likely made to make more chinese ppl play WoT (which would be the original purpose)

      honestly i’m still waiting for japanese TDs, especially Ho-Ro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Creepy-Kid says:

        its gonna end up an arty. Every low tier 150cal that is a regular td in WT is an arty in wot. Sturmpanzer II. Such an awesome piece in wt, and an okay arty in wot

  3. Backslash says:

    i cry whenever i see a picture or mention of the waffle. it was the only tier 10 i looked forward to getting. just give it 4 shells in the magazine and bring it back, please!

  4. benymazz says:

    “and its armament will be the 128mm L/60”

    That’s not a gun currently in the game

    L/55 = borsig, E 75, ferdinand gun
    L/61 = WT auf pz IV gun (formeryly WTF E 100 gun too)
    L/61 = also the Sturer Emil’s gun, historically speaking
    L/66 = Jagdtiger gun

    I’m assuming that L/60 is a typo, since I can find no mention of such a gun either in the game or historically

    Also, not for nothing, but the WT E 100 was removed from a reason. It wasn’t because it was bad. It wasn’t because it was OP either. It was because it was impossible to balance; it was broken. It was just a brutally awful mechanic. I don’t know how the Chinese server is going to fix this, if they’re going to fix it, but godspeed to them.

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “According to Anton Pankov, no real hope of this thing making a return to other servers”.

    Just like Kisly vowed that M6A2E1 will NEVER EVER be sold beyond game release packages?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just wait a little bit for the playerbase to fall a little more…tier 10 premiums,hell even tier 11 if that brings money to the table….

    1. I would be all for tier 11, 12 etc. vehicles. I fyou think about it pretty much every somewhat successful mmo increases the level cap from time to time to bring new late game content into the game. I don’t see why this shouldn’t work for wot.

  7. BringbackWt says:

    Please bring it back to Eu and also make old arty again.. games had so much more variety back in the days with this elements.. nowadays we have full tier x mm which are most of times a 1 sided rush farm fest and at average 5 different tanks in the team…

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