Want Armored Warfare Spicy Q&As?


I’ve been to notice that the Armored Warfare Q&As are rather too formal which makes them a bit boring, they need more soul and spice/salt to it, more “when its done its done” and “how terrible”! The company needs that!

So I convinced the perfect person, SilentStalker ( <3 ) to answer your questions!

This is not the first we do it, he always answers questions when he joins me for streams but this time will be done more properly.

So please share this among the AW community (forums and such) and feel free to post any questions here, will start compiling them soon enough.


Thank You.


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Want Armored Warfare Spicy Q&As?

57 thoughts on “Want Armored Warfare Spicy Q&As?

    1. redheadsg1 says:

      There is no prem ammo, there is free space and every weekend i can get 50 gold and with that i can buy camos which i cant do that in WoT …. so AW ftw in so many aspects.

    2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      The day WoT removes gold ammo, lower the price (if not remove) of garage slots ; then we’ll talk about which one is better. For now AW is a copy of WoT, exept actually free2play (and not “wallet warriors with no life get to fire full gold-cheat ammo in special reward OP tanks while everyone else barelt progresses because higher tiers cant make profit”)

    3. Marty says:

      I find it funny that people list mostly non-gameplay related things as AW’s advantages over WoT. I mean, play whatever game suits you most, but I don’t understand playing a game because I don’t have to invest money in it, I play games for gameplay first and foremost.

      1. ^I agree on your point, but when a game sells itself as a free2play you expect that it is balanced that way. WoT is not well balanced on that part, and paying user not only have progression advantage (which is fine and normal) for paying, but also in-game advantage (I guarantee than 100 % free users cannot afford gold ammo. The “everyone can use it” argument is completely wrong and would work for cheats, which are free).

        If it was at least balanced there would be no problem but currently WoT is borderline pay2win.

      2. Nullvektor says:

        PVE. Oh, I know “It’s coming” to WOT eventually, but if it’s like the other “fun” modes that ended up being a massive credit drain even if you won a match, it’s not going to lure me back.

        And the less toxic community. Two years down the line, that will probably change– but for now it’s pleasant in-game, pleasant in-match and pleasant in the forums.

        My.com has made a lot of idiotic mistakes, but they haven’t yet done anything like WG did with their payment system (Oh, you bought a prepaid card for the week of specials? Sorry, card system is down, everyone’s out for the week and we’re not going to answer any emails, and since you revealed the scratchoff code, you can’t get your money back lololololol). Once they do, I’ll hang AW up and go mess with something else, but for now they’re meeting all of my tank needs.

      3. Havoc198 says:


        Because gold ammo, imbalanced tanks (especially russian), arty, spotting mechanics, premiums better than normal (especially Berlin tanks) ), map design, game immersion (feel like tanks and sound like them, unlike toy cars).

        None of that is gameplay related huh???

      4. Right…

        Gold ammo, artillery, unbalanced tanks (especially russian), map design, spotting mechanics….

        Just these off the top of my head. Not gameplay related at all…

  1. wolvenworks says:


    if you listen properly, you can hear the SS-haters coming

    me personally, tis will be most amusing. i will sit back and watch like the big personage i am.

    1. exocet6951 says:

      Disagree with people sucking AW’s dick every chance they get, and they’re an SS hater. Hate on WoT at every chance you get, and you’re part of the cool kid club.

      Dem double standards though.

  2. Jukes3033 says:

    1. Can you give us any more details on the second challenger 2 (tier 10)?
    2. What exactly do you do at obsidian/my.com/where ever and where do you work from (office, home)?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. yurrasickpark says:

    When can we expect tier 10 vehicles and which vehicles will make an appearance in the first batch?

    Chinese/Asian tier 9 and 10 candidates?

    Any tier 9 and 10 TD candidates and in connection to that what is the fate of Centauro 155?

    Is it possible to make a full branch of AA vehicles (such as B1 Draco) all the way to tier 10?

    Are you planning to implement any new features and functionalities in the next few updates?

    When will high tier LTs get their smoke rounds and will they get APS at all?

    Are tier 9 and 10 SPGs considered? Also are you planning to fill the gaps in the current SPG branches?

    What new structures can we expect in the Base?

    Are there plans for any new game modes?

    Do you plan to do anything to make the game a bit easier for newcomers? Some people are having a hard time because the DPM to HP ratio is very high so there’s little room for error.

    1. renzo says:

      The tier 10s are te next big thing to be added. I can name a couple of vehicles that will come: T-14 armata, Leopard 2A7+, Challenger 2b, Spinx (or something like that), PL-01, AMX 10 RCR and te XM1A3 Abrams

  4. earlderpington says:

    I would like to know what a normal day at the office is for the devs, community managers, etc. Would be a nice insight and could make them more… well, we could maybe relate to them more in terms of “hey, it’s a job I was hired to do – but here’s HOW we go about it”

  5. Bleeckert says:

    I heard that if you place someone one your ignore list the MM will never put them in a battle with you, if this is true it seems broken.

    is there any chance of getting further tank customizations, like add on cage armor after you have unlocked it on a high tier being able to add it to lower tiers, same goes for ERA and APS, also having a choice after unlocking better equipment on high tiers to replace the poorer quality one on the lower tiers. like a thermal sight or air conditioning ect.
    also for those who like to still play low tiers can you expand the proven line of turning in XP for credits

  6. Agas says:

    When should we expect to see the IS-7 and what is the most probable tier? Is there any chance to see the IS-3 and IS-8/T-10 as lower tiers as well?
    How about Obj. 279, that beast deserves a place in a video game !

  7. Deano says:

    can you say what the tier 8 candidate is for the bmp line im loving that line so far im at tier 6 and im having a lot of fun with these machines so im curious toii know what the tier 8 could be? (also same for the wiesel line)

  8. Will it ever be possible to change the base colour of premium vehicles like the ICE tanks or the Cheiftan Mk6? (As in the white on the ICE or green on the Cheif being able to be changed to a different base colour, but the rest of the paint stays)

  9. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    -when will the update come ? It’s been delayed for quite some time now, and I cant bear having to play PvP to make money.

    -what will happen with arty AI (PvE) ? Right now it destroys one player’s game and makes playing arty useless.

    -I’ve noticed that quite often, AI can blindfire you quite efficiently : if you’re not spotted anymore but they were targetting you, and you get out of cover (still unspotted) they may aim at you like if you were spotted (thus aim weakspots and all). Anything on that ?

    -I experience quite often a bug where consumables use themselves and ammo swaps by itself. That makes the game quite unplayable, especialy in PvE where your ressuply kit gets used in 10s. What happens is after each time you click (to fire the gun for exemple) the game somehow detects your mouse in UI mode (like when you press ctrl) for a fraction of second (until you move the mouse) over a random element on your ammo/consumable area. So if you reclick again without paying attention (like in tense moments when you spam the click in order to fire asap before taking a shot back) you end up doing an unwanted action. I apparently am not the only one with this bug. Will it be fixed soon (if it has been reported already) ?

    -please get harbinger out of PvE rotation. It is impossible because of arty AI and lag caused by too much vegetation, and takes an hard-difficulty slot.

    -will there be a +1/-1 mm on PvP ? The tier difference is much bigger on AW compared to WoT. From one tier to another the difference could be being able to kill or not. Tier 6s vs tier 8s, or tier 7s vs 9s are not fair at all, and as the game is so dynamic, you cant really just “wait till ennemies are damaged and fewer before moving”

    -most PvP battles end with results like 14-0, 11-0, etc… I rarely see battles end in any “close” way (often 7-10 tank difference if not 15). Battles are dominated by some class of tanks (depending on maps) and arty is badly balanced in mm (2 M109s with high splash high dmg vs 2 gvosdikas with low everything. Who will win counterbattery I wonder). Will all that be fixed with incoming mm changes ?

    And finaly :

    -may we expect more tier 9s for current dealers (like a tier 9 wheeled TD for Wolfi) ?

    I think that’s all 🙂

    1. Dexter5021 says:

      To get rid of the “consumable used itself” bug, every time you play a batlle, at the beginning, place the mouse cursor to the top part of the screen. 😉

  10. PvE Questions:
    Given that armored warfare is meant to be set in the future and that the players are part of a private military company not like the US, UK, Russian, etc. will we face enemies that are essentially above tier 10?

    Will there be other enemies we could face in PvE such as drones both flying and tracked / wheeled?

    1. I doubt about flying units, as it would be really hard (or even impossible) to hit. But tiers higher than 10 will surely be, but not as special tanks, just as vehicle level (currently tier 9 upgraded are marked as tier 10s and tier 8-9 PvE missions are full of them), or maybe some kind of event bosses.

    1. Kais says:

      When AW’s primary selling point is the early cold war to modern day combat vehicles why would they suddenly start going to WW2 tanks? they wouldn’t stand a chance. plus the tank combat would be completely different and incomparable

      the WW2 game market is saturated with WoT and Warthunder and to be fair its pointless to try and compete in that market when the coldwar+ niche has been pretty much neglected. AW capitalised on that and have created a game that is similar to WoTs yet refreshingly different

  11. I think the question that comes up the most is “When are we going to see this tank or/and this one?” So after browsing wiki, and wot’s tech tree I came up with these tanks. In no particular order, and with the rule of thumb that the vehicle should have been in military service after ww2.
    M103, T10-M, AMX 30B, Ru 251, Kanonenjagdpanzer, Schützenpanzer Lang HS.30, M55 SPG, Marder IFV, Puma IFV, Centurion A X, Conqueror, AMX 13 90, M56 Scorpion, Type 74 IS4-M(?), IS3-M, Israeli Super Sherman, Merkava .
    Of course this list farm from “complete”, so don’t get mad if I left out your tank.

    1. Kais says:

      when the use of early cold war to modern day vehicles is Armoured Warfare’s primary selling why would they add WW2 era tanks? they wouldn’t stand a chance against even the level 2 tanks

      with WoT and Warthunder the WW2 market is still pretty much saturated. AW’s semi modern warfare is a refreshing change

  12. ok here are my questions:
    -any chances of another european-themed AFV tree (from top of my head, SKOT, Pandur, Rosomak, BWP-40, CV-90 series, Pizarro, Puma)
    -any chances of Japanese and South Korean tanks joining the chinese ones in the new dealer tree?
    -chances of wheeled arty branch (G-6, Dana) ?

  13. Will there be more events to get Gold? (Im talking about massive amounts like the 3k not 50g every 7 days)
    Also could we please get some Credit Events? Im really struggling to buy all the stuff i unlock :/

  14. holyco says:

    Will AI arty on maps such as harbinger be fixed/adjusted? I’m sick of getting hit by arty over 50 times per match, and that damn map was there 80% of the time during the recent wolfli event;_;

  15. exocet6951 says:

    Any plans on making high tier (6+) PvP less awful? Every battle is the same : people camp until they have a 6 to 7 kill lead, then mop up the survivors. It’s especially boring when you decided to play something other than MBT and the Wiesel, and any aggressive action on your end makes you die quasi-instantly.

    You are trying to flank with a light tank? Nope, dead in 2 seconds the moment you less cover. Trying to flank in a battle-oriented AFV? Nope, you die in less than a second when leaving cover.
    And hell, the only reason the recon AFV class is currently safe from that is because of shot delay, and that trying to hit a tiny target at long range with gimped shell velocity and random shot delay is nothing but a stroke of luck.

    1. Agreed, not even t6+, I encountered this at t5 PvP as well. In the end everyone will switch to PvE only and will kill AW.

      Current state AFV can be quite imbalance in my opinion, e.g Terminator firing HE on T-72 front will do a lot of damage so it doesn’t matter if AP cannot go through the armor, so newbies won’t think about weakspot or aiming.

  16. Why does AW keep doing time based events? They are very annoying for basically all of the world as most people are either at work / school, or sleeping when they are happening.

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