War Thunder 1.73: Caudron CR.714

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it is again time for us to look at the upcoming French aircraft in War Thunder. Today’s reveal is a French Monoplane fighter: the Caudron CR.714.

This new aircraft comes in the early stages of the French tech tree and for some it’s armament might be a bit underwhelming, consisting of 4x 7.5mm machine guns. However it’s main advantage will be the speed it can achieve at its rank, which is 460 km/h at a medium altitude and given it originating from sports aircraft we can expect favourable flight characteristics from this aircraft.

CR.741 in game footage

Thus given its position in the tech tree and its flight characteristics, I predict that this will be a fun plane to fly and it’s only major limitation will be it’s offensive armament. Stay tuned for the next one, and hopefully see you all in action with these French planes soon.

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War Thunder 1.73: Caudron CR.714

4 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.73: Caudron CR.714

  1. Gal_Ardent says:

    Sounds better now! Caudron planes are my favorites since the racing Caudron C-460… hopefully, they will also consider the Caudron C760 with much higher performances in speed, and armement.

    1. Billywarren007 says:

      In the devblog they make mention of the CR.714 prototype having a cannon armament so hopefully we will see more Caudron planes either this patch or in the future

    1. Billywarren007 says:

      In terms of manoeuvrability yes, it was why the Finns hardly used them, but in terms of acceleration and climb they will be decent for the tier it will be in

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