War Thunder 1.73 update has been released

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today brings big news in terms of War Thunder. With the release of 1.73 we get the French aviation tech tree, the first Italian tanks in game and a new top tier German AFV.

For those interested here is the French tech tree, note it has not changed from the devblog in terms of content though there may be some minor flight characteristics changed.

Finally for those who want to get their hands on Italian tanks the bundles consist of the following:

M26 Pershing Ariete Advanced Pack:

  • M26 Pershing Ariete (tier 4)
  • 7 days Premium
  • 1000 Golden Eagles

Cost: €34.99

P40 Leoncello Advanced Pack:

  • P40 Gruppo Corazzato “Leoncello” (tier 2)
  • 7 days Premium
  • 1000 Golden Eagles
  • Breda Mod. 38 machine gun 3d decoration

Cost: €19.99

With the release I will start grinding the tree now and will give you my initial thoughts by the end of the week. Hope you all enjoy the new patch and I shall see you all soon.

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