War Thunder 1.75: GMC CCKW 353 and Scouting

Good day ladies and gentlemen, carrying on the War Thunder devblogs for 1.75 after yesterday’s split for the VB.10-02. Today we have France’s first SPAA to be revealed for the update along with one of it’s tanker models.

From the information we have been given we know it comes with a 40mm Bofors cannon armed with at least 2 types of ammunition: HEF-T and AP-T. This should prove to be a mobile and reliable SPAA that should have the capability to take on aircraft and lightly armoured vehicles.

The second major news we have today is a new mechanic being introduced to War Thunder ground forces which is scouting. This has been added so that tanks with smaller calibre guns will no longer be useless in certain situations. The way it works is in Arcade battles you select the target and press the scout button to spot them for your team which will give you extra artillery uses, airspawn points and XP and credits.

In realistic it takes a different approach where you will only be able to spot them with binoculars or through your sights and it will only give the team an approximate position on the minimap, though if the target is damage or destroyed, the Spawn points required for aircraft will be reduced alongside XP and credits being rewarded.

These are the vehicles that will benefit from this new mechanic:


  • M22
  • M5A1
  • M24
  • M41A1
  • T92
  • M56
  • M50 Ontos
  • M551
  • T114
  • M24 TL
  • M5A1 5th arm.div.


  • Ru 251
  • Begleitpanzer 57
  • Pz.II H


  • Т-80
  • АSU-57
  • PT-76B
  • АSU-85
  • Obj. 906
  • BMP-1
  • Type-62


  • M24
  • M41A1
  • Type 60 SPRG


  • AMX-13 (SS.11)
  • and others (upon release)

As always hope you enjoyed this and shall see you when the next one is unveiled.

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War Thunder 1.75: GMC CCKW 353 and Scouting

6 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.75: GMC CCKW 353 and Scouting

  1. An american GMC truck with a swedish 40mm AA gun? Well, it’s seems a perfectly good idea to put this tank into the french branch. I’m kinda curious about who made the ammos for that 40mm gun…

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need this in wot!!! And make an announcement that: an allied scout detected an enemy…. or something…that would be cool

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