War Thunder 1.75: Lorraine 40t

Good day ladies and gentlemen, continuing the daily dev blogs for 1.75 we have been shown the latest French tank to be added to the roster. The Lorraine 40t will take its place at Rank 4 in the French medium line and armed with its 100mm SA 47 7 round autoloading cannon it will be an interesting tank to play.

Things to take from the devblog is that in game the 100mm is going to have decent armour piercing capability, having the ability to pierce 220mm of armour at a distance of 500mm. This combined with an off road speed of 40km/h it will be an excellent flanking tank. However the devblog does tell us of some major weaknesses, the first of these is it’s armour, naturally a good armament and speed has to sacrifice it’s protection to maintain its manoeuvrability. The second major downside is the crew layout, which has 3 of the 4 crew stationed in the turret, thus any shells with explosive filler will easily knock the tank out with one well placed shot.

Overall it should make for interesting gameplay, requiring the use of flanking tactics and exploiting openings in the front line to get the most out of this tank. It will be a welcome addition to the game. As always stay tuned for the next one.

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