War Thunder 1.75: M4A4 (SA50)

Good day ladies and gentlemen, continuing the large amount of WT devblogs, today we have a mid tier addition to the upcoming French line up, the M4A4 (SA50). This addition is one of the Israeli Super Sherman variants and will be comparable to the Sherman firefly in regards to its firepower.

This tank will be an interesting mid tier addition and given it’s similarity to the Sherman Firefly, you should expect a very similar style of gameplay, using the excellent cannon and mobility to get into positions where you can exploit enemy flanks or weak positions. Though given the Sherman’s armour thickness you shouldn’t expect to be bouncing many shots at close to mid range.

So with this in the French tree, it is reasonable to guess the M-51 may take its place in the tree along side it. As always, will see you for the next on

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