War Thunder 1.75: SOMUA S-35

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today we have another low rank French tank. Rather fittingly it is the basis of yesterday’s SAu 40, the SOMUA S-35, one of the most iconic French tanks of WW2.

In War Thunder the S-35 is going to be an interesting addition, armed with a 47mm cannon that utilises solid shot AP rounds so while the penetration values will undoubtedly be adequate for low tiers, it will require the player to aim carefully. The tank is also quite mobile with a speed of 40km/h, but be warned, due to it’s crew placement and 35mm hull armour it will be quite easy to knock out at close ranges.

So we get another exciting addition to the French tech tree and we are starting to see some of the iconic French tanks making their way into the game. As always stay tuned and we shall see you again next time.

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War Thunder 1.75: SOMUA S-35

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