War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII

Good day everyone, some big WT news today: Tier VII is coming to War Thunder Ground Forces and the vanguard of this news is the British Challenger 2 MBT. For the Challenger 2, we are told to expect a vehicle similar to the Challenger 1 but with much-upgraded armour and armament. The armament consists of an L30 120mm cannon armed with improved ammunition compared to the L11 and the armour focuses on the turret which receives a decent level of protection: up to 500mm for kinetic and 900mm for HEAT. It should be noted however that the lower glacis remains a glaring weak spot for the tank, relegating it to second-line duties similar to the Challenger 1.



The model itself looks gorgeous, giving us some serious eye candy. It should also be noted that she has the potential to go fast, travelling at speeds of up to 35mph in ideal conditions. What we can take away from this all is she will most likely perform as a mobile hull down sniper, using this mobility to get to the advantageous second line positions to bring destruction to the queen’s enemies. However, as soon as the enemies close in she will struggle at short ranges considering the obvious lower glacis weak spot and, if other MBTs are to go by, the cannon breach area and turret ring.

So now comes the time for speculation considering the news. Now that Rank VII has been confirmed it raises the question of what will other nations get? In my opinion, these will be the most likely additions to this rank: USA- M1A1/A2, Germany- Leopard 2A5/A6, USSR/Russia- T-90/T-72BA, Japan- Type 10, Italy- C1 Ariete and France- AMX-56 Leclerc. What do you think? Any vehicles you think may be added to the game? What does this mean for Air forces and Naval forces? Stay tuned and I will keep you all updated!

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War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII

6 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII

    1. Billywarren007 says:

      we are yet to see the RP requirements, so can’t comment, without a Tier V prem my guess is anywhere between 1 stone age and 2 ice ages haha

  1. Nexus9877 says:

    Yea, really… will I still be living by then? I will be in a wheel chair by then too old to play… or they will find me as a Skeleton, behind my screen…. 🙁

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