War Thunder 1.87: MiG-19S, Germany’s first rank VI jet

Today we have some news for all you Germany fans out there. War Thunder has announced the first supersonic jet for the German tech tree: the MiG-19S, the upgraded variant of the MiG-19PT we have in-game currently. This plane offers improved speed and an increase in main armament calibre over the MiG-19PT. However, this plane will not come with an air to air missile capability which will be a disappointment to some players. Without further ado, let’s dive into its full specifications.


Most likely to be the follow up to the MiG-15bis, this plane is a lighter and faster variant of the MiG-19 family, with a top speed of 1452 km/h and, being 170kg lighter, will be more manoeuvrable. It also carries a more potent main armament, with 3 30mm cannons mounted around the air intake.

While not able to carry air to air missiles, it has a healthy ground attack capability as it can carry up to 4 sets of rocket pods or 2 FAB-250 bombs. With this, the Germans will now have an alternative to the Arado 234 as a means for ground attack, but be under no illusion, this is very much an interceptor that will be more suited for hunting down enemy jets with its superior speed and agility.

Overall, while it is disappointing to see a lack of Air to Air missiles, this should make a good addition to any German line up and provide a capable interceptor and a decent CAS aircraft. Plus with the DDR getting some love, some FDR love should hopefully be given to the Bundesrepublik. Who knows, maybe we could see the T-72M for German ground forces too. As always will keep you updated with the latest news and I will see you next time.

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War Thunder 1.87: MiG-19S, Germany’s first rank VI jet

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