War Thunder 1.87: Sea Hawk FGA.6

Hello everyone, today is a good day for War Thunder news as we have been given another devblog. Today’s sneak peek is a new Fleet Air Arm addition to the British Aviation tree in the form of the Sea Hawk FGA.6, a ground attack variant of the Hawker Sea Hawk that was introduced to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in 1953. A mighty fine looking aircraft, it will come in at Rank V and give the British Tree a decent ground attack that it has been missing for some time.


Now onto the good stuff, the weapons. This Sea Hawk comes to the ground attack role with a large number of weapons available, the main armament consisting of 4x 20mm Hispanos, and then with an ordinance that consists of 30 unguided rockets and/or 2 bombs weighing 500-1000lbs but up to 4 bombs without rockets installed.  Its major downside is its top speed which is a maximum of 964km/h (599mph) at sea level which means against the MIGs and Sabres you are going to see at top tier are going to outperform you if they get eyes on you.

In my opinion, it is nice to see this plane in the game and it does give Britain a non-premium top tier CAS aircraft. It will still be at a disadvantage at it’s BR as it will be facing a more capable opposition that will outmatch it in performance most of the time. In terms of ground forces, I do not see it performing too well if air superiority is not won early on in the game. As such this plane will very much rely on the team but in the right hands and with teamwork it has the potential to wreak havoc in the skies of ground forces.

What are your opinions on the aircraft? Going to grind for it or ignore it? Discuss in the comments below. As always will keep you updated as soon as the next devblog comes out.

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War Thunder 1.87: Sea Hawk FGA.6

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