War Thunder 1.91: Westland AH.1 Lynx

Today, in the run-up to Gamescom, War Thunder has released the first proper devblog for War Thunder 1.91 and it comes in the form of the AH.1 Lynx, a British helicopter built by Westland that has only recently come out of service with the British armed forces. In-game it is set to be armed with a wide variety of weapons, and from the pictures, we can see Hellfire missiles will be amongst them. The others listed and observed so far are the following: 20 mm Oerlikon KAD-B cannon, 70 mm rockets Hydra 70, 8 ATGMS (either TOW2 or Hellfire) and 4 Stinger AAMs.


the main asset for the Lynx, however, is going to be its speed and agility. With a top speed of 273 km/h (170 mph) it is going to be able to disengage quite well and with the maneuverability, it has a capable player will be able to avoid ground fire with relative ease. Yet, if you are hit expect it to suffer as it has absolutely no armour and just like the other helicopters in the game it will be swatted out of the sky if it is hit by any munitions.

There is also the option to get the premium version, the G-Lynx which is near identical to the standard Lynx apart from its top speed of 400 km/h (249 mph). It can be bought individually for €49.99 or bought with the Israeli modified Centurion the Sho’t Kal Dalet for €76.98.

So with British Helos announced, only Italy and Japan remain without their helicopter tech trees. What does everyone think? Excited for the British helicopters? Don’t care? Annoyed? Feel free to discuss and as always I shall keep you updated with any further announcements.

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War Thunder 1.91: Westland AH.1 Lynx

6 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.91: Westland AH.1 Lynx

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah its nice of gaijin to ignore the players and the issues with the game and instead just add more premium vehicles. They should really fix the damn game

  2. Greenslime says:

    In reality lynx did 100-120kts
    Westlands designed an off axis launcher, mounted on its belly.
    Shame that didn’t make it into the game

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