Well this thing has been found in the files of War Thunder……

For those of u that dont know what this is, it’s the 203 mm M1931 B4 self propelled howitzer built by the soviet union.


Built: 871
Gun: 203 mm m1931 howitzer
Range: 18 km
Gun dep/elevation:0° to +60°
Shell: 100 kg shell
Reload: 1 round per minute
Crew: 10 (2 in vehicle)
Engine: tractor engine 30 hp
Weight: 17.7 ton
Hp/t: 0,6
Speed: Hamster

No one knows if this thing will even be player controlled because of the stats shown above, but we did get the BM-13M katyusha which was previously said to not be added due to similar reasons. Its speculated that it will take part in World War Mode but it might even be this summers event vehicle. Either way it will be an easy target and will probably suck at taking out tanks unless it gets a direct hit.

I actually found a picture of a Ferdinand that got hit by one of these things.




Even if this turns out to be an AI unit for world war mode there are still some vehicles that features this gun that can still be added to the game.


The SU-14 1, based on the T-35


The SU-14 2, this one had a casemate


And the S-51, based on the KV-1


Whatever this turns out to be it willbe a derp for sure.


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11 thoughts on “WAR THUNDER- 203 MM M1931 B4 FOUND IN FILES

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well they added the Brumbär already ; also rocket launchers ; and some tanks are not far from 1rpm anyway (KV-2 has around 43s reload when stock).

    I don’t see any reason why these vehicles couldn’t be added.

    Their playstyle would be like high-tier SturmPanzer II, with similar terrible traverse arcs, and worse mobility, but same devastating HE.

    1. armando30 says:

      it is different because those have enough mobility to not be totally inefective, this one won’t reach the frontline in time to help which means it will be a special vehicle because top-down views are not realistic, maybe a special AI unit in the PVE mode being developed

      1. armando30 says:

        “anonymous” I am sure you did not read either of the comments before yours correctly, WT is PS4 “exclusive” because it is not available for Xbox
        when Blockhaj mentioned “Microsoft isn’t making it easy” it had nothing to do with PC (don’t forget Xbox is a Microsoft product)
        there are several factors that WT, just like WoT did, have to adapt to including the economy/sales being regulated by Microsoft, gaijin won’t be allowed to do whatever they wan’t with their prices like they did with STEAM

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