War Thunder – [Competition] Loving the Unloved

For those creative i would like to present a new chapter in the unloved story!


Today we like to announce yet again, the start of a new chapter of our “Loving the Unloved” contest.

So far we gave our love to fighter planes and bombers, but now its time to take a look at our tanks.

We decided, to give some well deserved love in form of freshly new skins to the Matilda Mk II “Queen of the desert”!

You have two weeks starting today (06/15), to create a historic skin for this classy tank. The best three will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team.

This is also your chance to get a very rare tank as a 1st. Price: The RBT-5

Both Versions of the Matilda are allowed to enter the contest.

The tank was used in France, Russia, Africa and Asia by Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Italy, the Red Army and New Zealand.

If you are a Beginner in the field of skins, or have problems with the Asset Viewer of the CDK, all files you will need are provided here.

Also don’t forget to post your skin on http://live.warthunder.com with the Hashtag #unloved4


The top 3 skins will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team.

  • Skin must be of your own creation
  • You must tag your skin using the “ #unloved4 ” hashtag

  • Only one skin entry per user

  • All skins must be created within the competition timeframe (no older skin submissions)

  • Entries must be kept clean (no Swastikas) and follow the general rules of the community.

  • Skins must be historical

  • All entries must be submitted before 1st of July, 2017 12:00 GMT

  • The judges decision is final


  1. Place 2500GE + Premium RBT-5 and a A13 RTR

  2. Place 1500GE + A13 RTR

  3. Place 1000GE + A13 RTR

Usefull Informations and Tutorials:

If you are searching for help and informations about how to create custom skins you may find these two Forum Sections usefull:

Paint Schemes and Camouflage and The Community Skinning Centre

Also there are Video Tutorials here (for Gimp) and here (for Photoshop)

Discuss it here!

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War Thunder – [Competition] Loving the Unloved

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